Running Again!

10:06 AM: 3 mile run (2.75 @ 9:47 pace, .25 walk)

This was my first run after the marathon! It was already 72 degrees outside and I am still super congested from my cold, so I wasn’t expecting too much. Colby slowed his pace down and ran with me. (Aww, how nice!) He runs miles in the 7:00’s and I run in the 9:00’s on good days! My legs felt pretty good for running the marathon last Sunday, but I am ready to get rid of this cold!


Modeling my new shirt and pretending to stretch…

I was also very excited to try out my new 26.2 Apparel t shirt I got at the Pittsburgh Marathon expo! I practically ran over to their booth because I was so excited to see if their shirts were as soft as everyone claims… and it was because I bought the cute pink T. Eventually, I will have to write a review of the marathon.

Breakfast was my usual overnight oats with peanut butter and coffee in my Sleeping Beauty mug ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC00116.JPG DSC00106.JPG

I had plans to go to lunch with my BFF from high school, Anne. Anne needed SPANX for a dress that she is wearing next weekend and said the only place that had them was a Bloomingdales in Maryland. I haven’t seen her in FOREVER so I definitely agreed to the mini road trip.

After almost two hours in the car, we got to a crazy parking garage that took us up to a HUGE Bloomingdales. We couldn’t even figure out the elevator and obviously that my camera has two flashes…


Clearly our best photo ever…

Take 2… still pretty bad. Where is my ponytail?? It was so humid in my house after my shower today and I couldn’t handle straightening my hair.
Yessss! SPANX! Now we can go to lunch…
About 5 seconds after that classy photo of Anne and her SPANX was taken she realized that they were not the right ones… So we ended up going upstairs to another department, finding them in the wrong size and ordering them from another store. Now Anne will get her SPANX mailed to her house and we ended up driving two hours to go to lunch at P.F. Changs! I was starving and ordered way too much food (egg drop soup, crispy green beans, and lettuce wraps). I also tried to eat way too fast and burnt the roof of my mouth. I hate when I do that!!!
Now I am off to relax, probably eat more before the night is over and use my foam roller. I’m obsessed with my big orange foam roller. I even took it to the hotel in Pittsburgh last weekend. Of course, nobody thought it was odd for me to carry around my foam roller because there were 22,000 runners in Pittsburgh that weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. So, does Anne know about Assets? Or are these a special kind of Spanx?

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