Crazy Work Week

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!

I love my job and teaching music … and this past week was very very busy!  I had elementary music concerts each night this week and I am very happy everything went well.  I will be happy to start running again this weekend and see how my legs hold up after the marathon 2 weeks ago 🙂

Even though this blog will usually focus on running and healthy living, work has consumed my life this past week and I thought I would show you a few pictures!

A very important picture of my “concert” hair. I always twist my hair half way back for a concert so it doesn’t get in my face when I conduct!

A picture from my first concert night holding a rose from one of my students!

A side picture of the stage tonight before the kids got there!

I waited all week for Thursday night! It was the last concert of the season and I went for sushi with Jill!

Jill teaches music with me and we were seriously ready for sushi tonight 🙂

I let Jill order me a new roll tonight and I lovedddd it!


I just wrote this post with Rocky sitting all curled up next to me.  Then I realized, I didn’t introduce you to Rocky yet!!!! This little lover is my 11 year old yorkie and he is currently snoring.

Rock wasn’t too happy about the flash from this one.  It woke him up for about 10 seconds.

Okay, I reallllly need to go to bed now! Looking forward to a long weekend with a few workouts!!


Pink Runner 🙂


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  1. Just found your blog from twitter (I’m @Carrie_RD there.) I have 2 yorkies! Love them. They always smoosh up against me like that when I’m on my laptop. I love it. : )

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