Lazy Saturday!

Last night, Colby and I ate at our favorite mexican restaurant again.  I think that was technically 2 times in one week! He had fajitas and I had bean burritos with red sauce and fried eggs. Sooooo good 🙂


This morning I went to a string quartet rehearsal to practice for a wedding next weekend.  It was really nice  and we didn’t even realize we had played for 2 hrs!  I was planning on running when I got home, but I was starving.  So I thought I would eat a quick salad, then run.

My salad was huge and I was way too full to run.  So I thought I would wait a bit… Then my Mom asked me to go to a consignment shop to look for a patio table and maybe stop at the local orchard and farm market to get local strawberries.

I ended up with an Eiffel tower bottle/vase for 50 cents.

She got a patio table and a strange picture of Bruce Willis. My mother is strangely obsessed with Bruce Willis and can quote Die Hard.


so good… already ate a bunch of them

Now I am contemplating taking a nap and then running.  But we all know that probably won’t happen if I nap.  I am going to try to run 3 miles today and 6 tomorrow morning to get me back into it. Wish me luck 🙂


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