Monthly Archives: May 2011

Memorial Day

After my yoga around 11:00 today, I went over to Colby’s parent’s house for sun, swimming and food 🙂

Colby’s family has a boat and they drove to Maryland to go crabbing this past Saturday.  They caught like a million of them, so I could eat as many as I wanted today.  That ended up being about 5 or 6 before I got full.  We also had sandwiches, salad and cake!

Me and my crabs and messy fingers.

Yum yum…

I don’t eat much meat (occasionally chicken- no red meat) but I do eat seafood when it’s available.  The crabs were so good and easy to pick. I hate when I pick them and cut my fingers all up and get old bay in them. OUCH. I was also very good about sunscreen today and wore my 50 spf!  I got a little tan and absolutely no burn – and I was out for over 5 hours!

Chelsea (aka Chelse-o or wildebeast)

Chelsea is Colby’s brother’s dog and she is very friendly when I come over.  So friendly that she almost knocks me over because she is like a truck coming at you.  I had to watch my back while tanning today because I didn’t want this beast jumping on me and breaking my back.  She kinda reminds me of a big piggy 🙂

I am currently working on a “guest post” for another blog!  I was so excited when I was asked to write something and I can’t wait to feel like a real blogger!!