Wedding and Sushi

This afternoon I performed in a string quartet for a wedding. When we got there, it was raining and water and wooden instruments do not mix well! Luckily, they took a chance and had it outside because the rain stopped and it was very comfortable.


My friend from college, Sara and I playing at the wedding today.

After the wedding ceremony, I was starving and immediately called Colby.  I wanted sushi, and I wanted lots of it!

My sushi rolls are the top and bottom row. Colby had the two middle rows and lots of avocado 🙂

Nom nom nom!

Yum! My arms are deceivingly super skinny in this picture. I promise they aren’t and they are in the process of getting a little muscle on them this summer!

My friend from college, Matt, is in town for a different wedding tonight and he had his friend Courtney are staying over!  Colby and I are watching the Phillies/Pirates game and waiting for Matt to call so we can pick them up! My family lovesss baseball, but we are slightly divided… Colby and my mom love the Phillies (my mom’s family is from Philly) and my Dad and I ❤ the Yankees 🙂

Not sure if I will run tomorrow morning or take a BODYPUMP class… My legs are STILL sore from the Thursday class! If they are tomorrow, I might wait another day or two.


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  1. Oooh looks like fun! And I’m not a sushi person but everything looks so pretty!

  2. The Yankees?! No! Phillies, Phillies, Phillies 🙂

    I think it’s awesome that you perform at weddings. I’ve been to a few that have had a string quartet and it’s beautiful.

  3. YES for viola players!! This is so cool- we really are twins! I love wedding gigs- a lot of money, and sometimes they throw in the food too! I even got a slice of wedding cake once haha! 😀

    Oh, and BodyPump can leave me sore for like a week! That class is INSANE and I love it!!

  4. Ok now I am majorly craving sushi. It sounds so good and refreshing right about now.

    Yay for weddings! They can be so much fun when your not the one planning them 🙂

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