Summer :)

Now it is officially summer! Today was my last “teacher” day at school (even though I will be in my classroom a lot this summer).  I am exhausted after getting home at 8:30 tonight. After school, I went to a end of the year party with Colby and then had a marching band practice 6-8.  I help teach high school marching band with my friend Kim and we were happy to plan a sleepover for next week.  I am trying to talk Kim into joining my gym to go to classes with me. I know she would love spinning and BodyPump!

Really unflattering picture of me from this morning before school.  It was the only take, so I guess I have to post it!

My “newer” big room I moved into this week 🙂 Not very exciting because everything is put away for summer cleaning, but I’m so happy!

Ignore my junk laying on the counter. Look at all that storage space I have now!

I actually have three classrooms because I teach at different schools so I was at different places cleaning today.  I will be teaching lessons next Tuesday/Thursday but will probably need to go in to this new room on Wednesday to file music.  I have lots of piles right now…yuck.

Reasons I’m happy it is now my summer:

More running!

More swimming!

More foam rolling and pushing Rocky out of the way!

More sushi!

More Rocky in the sun!!


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  1. Well happy summer to you! I just must say that I cannot believe your foam roller is not pink! Hahaha…. 🙂

  2. A very happy summer to you. Enjoy all the extra running time.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog… And that’s sosososo cool that you’re a music teacher slash healthy living blogger! I’m graduating high school next year and hopefully will be a music major. But yeah I love your blog!

  4. Rocky’s adorable! My dog gets in the way of foam rolling all the time. He thinks it’s a game.

    I just wrote a similar post this morning. I guess we all have summer on the brain. Enjoy the “cooler” temps today!

  5. Yay for summer. Again, I’m jealous of your teacher schedule!
    It’s been so hot here in Virginia recently that I’ve had to do the treadmill two days in a row (which I NEVER do usually)…I totally prefer running outdoors.

  6. Your yorkie is soooooo cute! I have a Shit-Tzu named Willie. Little dogs are the best!

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