Running in the South

Sunday Workout: Walk/Run 3.5 miles

Garmin miles- mile 1: 10:03, mile 2: 9:22, .5: 8:16 / TM: 1 mile run/walk (12 minutes) (pretty bad, huh?!)

Colby and I attempted to run outside this morning before going to the beach. It was already over 80 degrees and I’m not sure what we were thinking. I have been running inside lately and this was a shock to the system!  After 2 miles, we walked and went inside the pool house to the treadmills.  Next time, we will either run earlier/later or on the treadmill! I’m just happy to get in 3.5 miles on vacation and hoping to do more tomorrow. My legs felt great and my hamstrings are feeling so much better today from stretching.

I took my old camera running this morning, but realized I don’t have my cord to upload the pictures to my computer!  There were just nice pictures of the golf course and the path we were running!

Yesterday, we went to the beach near the boardwalk. It was SO hot so I tried to stay under my pink umbrella to keep cool.  We came back and went to the pool near our condo and cooled off.

We went to dinner last night at Broadway at the Beach and walked around a lot! I’m guessing we walked 2 miles around the huge area of shops and restaurants.

It is really nice there and Colby was even a good sport and walked into shops with me.  I found one with TOMS shoes that I could actually try on in-person instead of looking online.  I saw my black wedges that are on their way to my house right now and really liked them. Anyone have TOMS? Any favorites? Not all of them looked great … but I think they are comfortable!


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  1. Your times are totally understandable; running in the South can be rough!! I’m sure you’d have no trouble adapting if you were here longer!! I’ve never tried Tom’s, but I’ve copy-catted with the nail polish and that’s enough for now! 🙂

  2. The south is rough with the heat. 3.5 miles is impressive regardless of time!

  3. Good for you for attempting to run in that heat!!! You are a champ! I don’t have Tom’s but love pretty much any shoe 🙂

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