Last Day at the Beach

Workout: 4 mile run: 36 min, 14 sec (9:03 pace)

mile 1- 9:17, mile 2-9:04, mile 3-9:03, (took a quick walk break) then mile 4-8:48 🙂



I was VERY happy with my run this morning! Colby was nice enough to run with me again and I really pushed myself at the end. The treadmill is definitely helping me hold a faster pace outside and I am going to keep using it to help my speed. It wasn’t as sunny this morning, but it was still crazy humid. I am hoping to keep this up and hopefully hold this pace for a 5 miler. I know this might not seem that great to many of you, but for me it is really great! I was stuck in such a “pace rut” during the marathon training and after that I need to shock my system. It hasn’t been my goal for a long time to change my pace because I stuck with 9:40-9:50 for the marathon and trained at that pace for nearly all of my runs.


Really sweaty and proud of my run this morning 🙂 Wearing my super soft 26.2 t shirt from the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo!

Today was our last day at the beach! I am not looking forward to cleaning and packing tonight. The weather was perfect today!! We got out there a little earlier today so it wasn’t so hot and we could have stayed out all day.  I felt the sun getting to my skin and knew it was time to go inside!

My pink chair in the middle of the uncrowded beach today

Happy on the beach 🙂 My BIC band got quite the workout this week! I wore it almost everyday at the beach and when I ran!


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  1. I’m sad for you to leave the beach too! I’ve been vicariously on a little vacation right along with you! Have a safe trip home. 🙂

  2. The humidity is to be low this weekend at home…just think how fast you will rrrunnn! 🙂

  3. Enjoy your last night!! 🙂

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