I should eat before I run…

Sunday Workout: 6 miles (most of it running, some walking)

The Garmin stats…

I was doing really well trying to stay around a 9:20 pace for the beginning of this run. By the time I reached 3 miles it was sunny and I stopped at a water fountain for a quick break. Then I felt super light headed and ended up taking a little break under some shade. I wanted to run early this morning, but I was being lazy and pushed it until later in the morning, without eating breakfast. I almost ALWAYS eat breakfast before running. I had a cup of coffee this morning and waited way too long before going outside.

I walked 1/2 a mile of mile 4 and the last .25 of mile 6. My average running pace would have been around 9:25 because I was almost always under 9:30, even at the end. So… overall I was happy with it but mad that I didn’t eat something.

I also noticed that the elevation was a little different from South Carolina beach elevation…

Elevation from running at the beach…

Around my neighborhood…

Yeah… even though it was at least 10-15 degrees cooler here, the elevation was tougher.  Today’s run was my 6-mile loop that I used over and over when training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. I haven’t used this loop in awhile, so it wasn’t as boring as it was in April when I would do it 3 times in a row…

Some pictures from our last night at the beach:

Oh yes… all you can eat crab legs again 🙂

I ate 3 plates of crab legs before hitting up the desserts…

Colby got told by the waitress he looked like Ben Affleck. He gets told this all the time when we are out and I’m pretty sure it made his day.  I definitely don’t look like Jennifer Garner 😦

picture from: celluloidfilmreview.com

I LOVE her in 13 Going On 30!! One of my favorite chick flicks! That and You’ve Got Mail…   🙂

picture from: amazon.com

Seriously, chick flick at its best 🙂


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  1. i love crab legs!! They are my FAVORITE thing to get at seafood restaurants…always a great treat!

    Love the chick flicks! 13 going on 30 is a classic for sure!

  2. Good chick flick picks 🙂
    My husband gets told he looks like either Andre Agassi or Vin Diesel all the time (I know, 2 random celebrities, who I don’t think really look alike so it baffles me). But, I don’t think I’ve ever been told I look like one so I’m still kinda jealous 😉

  3. You’re all cute and tan after your beach trip. Looks like it was so much fun.
    All you can eat crab legs…oh man that sounds great.
    You don’t look like Jennifer Garner, you are way prettier than she is 🙂

  4. Jennifer’s got nothing on you! 🙂 He does look like Ben, lol…My hubby looks like Peter Parker/Spidey. I think that’s Tobey McGuire. But when he wears a striped scarf he looks more like Harry Potter, LOL! Anyhoooo, I loooove those crab leg. OMG, they look fantastic and were huge!

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