Saturday Boat Adventure

Yesterday, I woke up at 2:30 AM to leave for Ocean City, MD at 3am with Colby and his family. Crazy, huh?!  I was happy to go on my first fishing adventure.  Surprisingly enough, there are no pictures from the beginning of our adventure before 7 am… hmmm… maybe because I looked like a zombie.


Colby’s Mom and I going out on the water early in the morning. I was very lucky to have her there with me 🙂

Colby, his brother and dad went out on the sandbar to feel for clams with their feet.  I stayed in the boat 🙂

We went past wild horses on Assateague Island.

Apparently, I am a huge wimp and hoped to not catch anything because the fish grossed me out.  I guess I’m no Skinny Runner…

I caught a few flounder, but they were too small and went back into the water.  Whenever I caught something I yelled for Colby and he was sweet and took the fishing rod for me as I screamed and ducked for cover so the fish wouldn’t touch me.

I know… he must love me a lot to deal with my diva fishing attitude.

Two more exciting things…

1. Colby and I signed up for an October Half Marathon!! Now I get to pick a training plan!! Any suggestions?

2. I got my capris in the mail!!!!! I will post pictures of me modeling the awesome capris soon!

Today I am BodyPumping with the bff Anne and running!!


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  1. #1-I think I have that same bathing suit top, but I wear it with the strap attached. 🙂

    #2- I grew up fishing (in ponds, not the ocean…almost the same thing), and don’t mind touching fish, but I have never like sticking my hand in their mouths to take the hook out. I would always make my Dad do it for me.

  2. I’m not huge on fishing either. But love the boat/lake/etc. Sounds like a fun weekend so far. And yay for the half marathon! I personally loved Runner World’s Smart Coach training plan. It goes based on your personal information and has good variety.

  3. We are doing the Hal Higdon plan- his plans have been recommended to me and so far so good!

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