One Million Lunges


Wednesday Workout: 30 minute ab class and 1 hour spin class tonight!

(I posted it so I HAVE to go now!!)

I have been “missing” my Wednesday spin class for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  When the bff Anne can’t go because she has to work late, it is VERY difficult to talk myself into going! I’m not completely in love with the instructor or spinning.  I feel uncomfortable on the bike, like I’m never set up on it correctly and always ask the instructor to take a look and see if I’m okay.  She probably thinks I’m completely clueless for asking over and over!  I know spinning is good for me and I like the challenge, but it’s no BodyPump class! I seriously adore BodyPump!

However, BodyPump did not love me so much when I woke up and felt like I did a million lunges yesterday! I went up on my weights for lunges, thinking I was tough and ready for it. I guess I am, but it definitely challenged those muscles!! I feeeeel the burn! I have been feeling a little IT tightness from running so hard on the treadmill in the past week and not stretching very much, so I’ve been using these yoga poses from Jen @ Peanut Butter Runner to stretch out my IT band.  The pigeon pose is great!


Breakfast was my favorite overnight oats today 🙂

I get two songs stuck in my head from BodyPump all the time and didn’t even know the song title to one of them. I decided I should just buy them so I can use them as motivation when they play during runs!

This is not really the type of music I would buy on iTunes and when I showed Colby he was like “I love that song! You like that?!” It makes me think BodyPump because almost all of my instructors have been using this for the chest exercises.

I really like doing the ab exercises at the end of class and love that all my instructors have been using this track from the last release. I have the ab exercises memorized from doing this one so many times, so I could definitely do this on my own at home. No wonder the planks hurt so much at the end, the song is 4 and a half minutes long! I can’t wait until next week to hear all the new songs from the new BodyPump release!

Eye doctor appointment in an hour, so I better go get dressed!  Must work on grad class today and get away from Google Reader and Twitter!!!!!


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  1. I love both those songs. I have them on my playlist too.
    I hear so many great things about bodypump. I wish mygym offered it.

  2. Love that second song! Have you seen this “dance” to it yet?

  3. That is a good idea…posting your workout BEFORE to make sure you actually go. I need to try that!

  4. oh my gosh, that is a HARD ab track! and regarding your leg soreness…isn’t it crazy how you can go up a little and feel it so much? i love that you can continue to challenge yourself in new ways with bodypump!

    thanks for the link back to my stretching post. i need to get some more posts up like that for y’all now that i’m all certified to teach yoga 😉

  5. You sure do love your bodypump classes! It’s the biggest word in your “tags” besides “food” and “running”! hahaha! 🙂

  6. I love that Shut It Down song! It pumps me up for some reason!

  7. I am so jealous you won the Anonya capris from Janae! Regardless, you look awesome! I didn’t like spinning the first few times I did it, but then I found an instructor that totally rocks! Maybe you’ll have a change of heart 🙂

    • I know! I was SO lucky to win the capris because I never win anything! I’m going to keep trying spinning, but I know it will be the first thing to go when I get too busy!

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