What ever happened to Pilates?

Wednesday Workout: 30 min. abs class, 1 hr spin class

I taught music lessons from 9:30-12:00 today and was happy to finish a little earlier today and relax. On my way home, I stopped at our local health food store that I went into for the first time a few weeks ago.

I knew what I was going there for…

I had the Bliss-Berry flavor before, but tried Katalyst’s Ginger Devotion today and it was delicious. This is turning into an expensive tea habit. BUT, it is the same price as a Sheet’s frozen soy chocolate mint mocha (and a lot less calories!) and much healthier.  Every once in awhile should be okay! It is strange how the first time I tried this tea I didn’t really like it, but now I think it is amazing and love the taste of it! I ended up spending 15 minutes talking to the owner of this health store today about the kombucha. She said they used to sell the GT brand but since it is from California, they were always racing to make sure it didn’t expire before it was sold at the store.  This brand is based out of Maine and is easier for the store to keep. I told her I think it tastes just as good as the other brand!

I also picked up two more of these 🙂  I really like the honey PB flavor but just can’t bring myself to buy an entire container when I still have that nasty Target one and a full jar of yummy PB I need to finish!


How did I forget about pilates while I’m on this cross-training kick to make me a stronger runner? I thought about this today when I saw a guest blogger on The Fitnessista. Cassey @ Blogilates is this amazing and gorgeous pilates instructor that posts all kinds of awesome videos on her blog!! Like she wrote about, I also got on a pilates kick when Windsor Pilates commercials were shown all the time (early 2000’s I think?) I bought this dvd and a few others from Target and fell in love with Jennifer Kries’s videos!

This woman is seriously flexible and has a perfect body.

I did these videos all the time in high school when I was a cheerleader 🙂 It helped with my flexibility soooo much and made my core feel so strong. Why did I stop? I loved pilates!

In the past year or two I’ve picked up a few yoga dvds…

None of these videos are as great as the ones on YogaDownload.com

After I started running 2 years ago, all I heard about was yoga and how it was so great for runners…and it is! But why did I forget about pilates? It also has great benefits for runners, but it seems like so many bloggers practice yoga.  I was SO happy to find Cassey’s blog today to remind me that I should bring it back.  I will only stick with workouts that I truly enjoy.  That being said, I did another spin class tonight and didn’t like it. My foot cramped up big time (weird??) and I got off the bike, filled up my water bottle and walked around until it felt better.  I’m sure spinning will go away after the summer and I’m okay with that.  I know it’s great for my body, but I just don’t enjoy it that much.  I’m sure it will be something that I do every once in awhile once the school year starts up again, but I’m okay with not going every week.

I can’t help it… I LOVE running (even though running and I had a bit of a fight over the weekend), BodyPump, yoga and I really liked pilates in the past so it is making a come back!!

What are your favorite workouts??


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  1. Running, running, and more running! I do like yoga too. I tried pilates years ago and didn’t like it but I should give it another try.

  2. I never got into pilates. I even took a class a few years back but it ended up being a lot of older women and it wasn’t challenging at all. I’m sure there are better ones out there but I never jumped on that train.
    My favorite workout is probably running, although weights are coming in a close second recently.

  3. I loved taking cardio kickboxing several years ago, then I loved body pump. I would still take body pump if they offered it around here but I have not seen any classes at my gym.
    Since I started running races last year, I have loved running at times and hated it at times. I really enjoy yoga but have a hard time fitting it in. Recently I bought a pass for 20 hot yoga classes, so I will be adding that to my fitness routine soon.

  4. Kudos to you for actually finishing the PB!! I’m the worst at that. If I try something and don’t like it, the hubby automatically has to finish it! {I want to throw it away, but I hate wasting the money and he usually stops me anyhow, lol.} Except for the freeze-dried cantalope I bought the other day–that had to go. Neither of us could stomach it! Hmmm, favorite workouts–running and weight lifting. LOVE them. I’m pretty obsessed with the planks lately, too. And I heart pilates–yoga is just not working out for me! 😦

  5. LOVE pilates! Pilates and yoga are my bread & butta as a runner!

    I can’t do too much spin either – I know it’s a great workout, but honestly I always get intimidated by the fancy spin shoes, the variances in different machines, and if I walk in and my reserved bike doesn’t already have those little shoe-cages (?) clipped in…well then I’m totally at a loss!

    Enjoy pilates!

  6. Haha, I did the Jennifer Kries’ videos in high school as well! I did one in particular so much I had it memorized!

  7. Obviously, running is my #1 and all time fav exercise. But I am a HUGE hot/power yoga lover. Sometimes when I’m just running my muscles get really tight (no matter how much I stretch). I try to go at least once a week on a ‘resting’ day. It’s also just good for your soul when you have a stressful week 🙂

  8. I love (slow) running but right now Im obsessed with Bikram yoga. 105 degees 40% humidity = excellent workout!

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