Bike Ride and Fitness Friday!

Friday Workout: Bike ride: 21.75 miles/ 1 hr 52 min



You remember my little girl purple mountain bike, don’t you?? My legs feel great after the long ride with Daddy, but my hinney is a little sore! We road on a “rail trail” which is a gravel path that is along old railroad tracks.Β  It’s really beautiful and the weather was great!



Fitness Friday!!

Workouts I am currently lovingggg…

YogaDownload: Yoga Sculpt #1 45 minute class

I did the full 45 minute class last night and it was so tough. It uses hand weights and really had me sweating!

I’m glad I purchased the 45 minute class as a “download” so I can keep it on my computer forever and use it again!



* I am loving planks and can do them for 2 minutes now!! Woo hoo! I love how many variations there are to the standard plank and maybe that will be my next friday post!

* I am loving my favorite ab track from BodyPump! I love the song and the planks at the end! Give it a try with this video and see how you do!

Then there is this little lady…

I can’t wait to try Cassey @ Blogilates 18 minute POP Pilates video: Abominable Abdominals! I watched most of this and it looks tough! I hope I can try all of her videos because she is so gorgeous and so fit! Remember, I’m bringing pilates back into my life!

What was your workout today??


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  1. Hoping for a run after my long day of work! πŸ™‚

    • Those can be tough, but sometimes relaxing after a long day. I would go without music when training for my last marathon with after school running! After hearing screeching instruments all day, I appreciated the silent running!

  2. I got a few miles in this morning – it was definitely a struggle though at 6AM!

    And awesome job on the 2 minute planks! I am still working on making it through 2 sets of 1 minute!!!

  3. I love bike rides! Unfortunately my bike is a piece of crap and I can’t ride it for any extended period of time 😦 Where did you get your bike?

    • Haha… my bike is from when I was about 12 years old. It has a youth sized frame and normal sized tires. It’s basically a little girl bike πŸ™‚ It has held up, and I don’t do that much riding besides on easy trails so I’ve kept it!

  4. Love the workouts! 2 minutes holding a plank is awesome, I’m only up to a minute and 30 seconds.

    Friday’s are usually my rest day b/c my long runs are on Saturday mornings. I’m going to do some ab work when I get home.

  5. My workout is about to be nrolfw & a run, now I need to get to it!

  6. Today was my rest day, so I don’t have anything planned except for my planks! And goodness? 2 minutes?!! My best was 1min 10secs so far. My problem is that I stare at the timer….oops. I’m going to see how far I can get with it tonight–you’ve inspired me!

  7. i’m all about the planks for core work and in fact did a slew of them today.:) did them after my run!

    great job on that bike ride, my bum goes numb after about 2 minutes!! hehe.

    hope u have a great weekend!

  8. Friday was a good day. The weather was so nice! I ran 3 miles and then completed a 30 minute Kettlebell workout. I was certainly sweaty & I am glad I feel good today. Today is an off day. πŸ™‚

  9. My workout today was indoor cycling. I’m a Spin instructor and had to teach this morning. Always a good way to start the day!

    Get Up & Go

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