Mini Vacation

Saturday Workout: BodyPump!!! (1 hour)

Sunday Workout: off day!!


I was so happy to get to my BodyPump class Saturday morning! I start my half marathon plan this week, and my goal is to still take BodyPump 2 times a week.ย  This was one of my last free weekends without any plans and Colby and I decided to take a trip to his old college Saturday. Even though it was over 100 degrees, it was so nice seeing his campus and meeting friends!


People swimming in the river. We were melting trying to walk around so I could see the nice running paths and sandy beach area!

Love the panoramic function on my Sony camera!

On our way home today, we stopped to visit my friend Matt and went to lunch for his birthday!

Matt just got a Garmin 405 for his birthday and now we are Garmin twinsiessss ๐Ÿ™‚

He is currently training for his first half marathon that will be a trail race in Pittsburgh!! Matt is using the half marathon plan that was in this month’s Runner’s World.

Yum yum yum! We started off with oysters on the half shell and followed with sandwiches. Colby and I feel like we need to do a few extra workouts this week to make up for all the food we ate this weekend!

Ready to start my half marathon plan this week! Even though it starts out with some short runs, it will be perfect for me.ย  I have not focused on running after the full marathon in May, and have not been running over 20 miles a week in awhile. This plan should get me back into the swing of things and still allow me to cross train with BodyPump class and yoga!

Switching my Tuesday run this week to Monday because I have will be busy all day Tuesday with work!


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  1. Good luck with your Half Marathon training! I start training for my first Half Marathon next week. I am both excited and nervous! I am doing a 16 week program to make sure I don’t train too fast.

  2. Good luck starting your training!

  3. I started my half marathon training this morning. We just ran a 1 mile timed run so the coaches know what pace groups to place us in. It was a warm 87 degrees when we hit the track at 7 AM. Hard to believe that the last time I started training for a half marathon (in February), there was snow and ice on the ground.
    Good luck with your training. The body pump will definitely keep you stronger during your training. Wish my gym had classes, I miss body pump!

  4. I’m sitting in tons of AC right now and I STILL wanted to take a dip in that water! It looked so refreshing! And the oysters–mmmmm! Good luck with your training and stay safe/hydrated/cool out there!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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