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Flirting… with a vegan diet!

So when I was little, I remember family members calling me a “picky eater”.  I guess this is common for small children, but as I think back on what I was actually “picky” about eating when I was young, it was always meat! Ever since I was very young, I never ate red meat.  I never liked it and have only eaten chicken and seafood for as long as I can remember.

Okay, Oprah is going to have a lot to do with this post because I always watched her show! 🙂 In college, I saw an episode that had the author of the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

I bought the book and loved it’s message of eating quality, fresh ingredients and actually enjoying your food! I bought her two other books later, which have more recipes and meal plans.  I loved the “French Women For All Seasons” because it focuses on eating fruit and vegetables that are actually in season!

In late 2009, I started having problems with dairy.  In June, I wrote a post about my official breakup with dairy in February 2010 because of a painful Shamrock shake. Oh how I love those stupid shamrock shakes…

Now that dairy was out of my diet, (I was a serious milk drinker!) I felt better (probably because I am lactose-intolerant!) and my skin looked amazing.  I saw another episode of Oprah with Alicia Silverstone and her book “The Kind Diet”.

I bought her book and loved reading it… even thought I haven’t tried a single recipe yet! I later bought the “Skinny Bitch Everyday Cookbook.  This was about half a year ago and I really started thinking about what I was eating and trying to eliminate animal products from my diet. Meat wasn’t a problem (I really don’t like chicken that much and only eat it if it’s the only option) I think I really freaked Colby out during this time… “You won’t eat scrambled eggs with me Saturday morning??”

Since then, I have eaten chicken, seafood, cheese and eggs but continued to think about how I can incorporate more meals that are meatless and how many animal products I eat each day.  I have been thinking about a vegan diet more lately because of Mama Pea’s new cookbook!

I just got this in the mail yesterday and I am seriously excited to try some new recipes.  I am scared of cooking tofu at home and not making it right and then hating it. I have been reading Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga’s posts on cooking tofu at home!

I don’t want to label myself with anything because my food habits will tend to change, but I can definitely associate with Alicia Silverstone’s idea of “flirting with veganism” in her book.  I am just trying to incorporate a plant-based diet into my life…more often. I still plan on eating eggs, but maybe not so often.  It is crazy how they are in everything!  I will still eat seafood every once in awhile (sushi!!!) and HELLO Colby goes crabbing with his family all the time and they are an awesome treat! I still eat cheese every once in awhile, but it does bother my stomach sometimes. I can’t help myself when I’m around pizza! I’ll make sure to post any good vegan recipes I try!

Do you love veggies or do you love meat? Were you a “picky eater” when you were little? Do you love food books like I do??


I got this book in the mail too… I had an Amazon coupon and I see this book on everyone’s blog:


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  1. I love the idea of a plant based diet but haven’t committed to one fully.

  2. Good for you! I’ve been vegan for years, but/and if you’re looking for solid cheese substitutes you can try Daiya (for melting) or Sheese (for raw and melting). Both have passed the omnivore test; I know Daiya is soy-free and you can find it at Whole Foods. The bottom line is, there’s no reason to suffer–even sometimes–for pizza!
    One of my neighbors even brings a bag of Daiya shreds to our local pizzeria and they make her pizza with that.

    Have fun! One of the most appealing things about experimenting with a new way to eat is all the new ways you learn how to cook!

    • I’ve tried Daiya before and it was just okay for me. I can’t see myself using up a whole bag and would rather just eat real cheese every once in awhile. Sometimes the belly ache is worth it 🙂 I should try it again though, especially with pizza.

  3. I was a picky eater for a bit as a kid (I wouldn’t eat asparagus but love it now). I definitely try to balance my eating of meat and veggies and will be making an attempt to buy meats from more local sources (I.e. the farmer’s market), but I can’t see cutting it out altogether. I will withhold my thoughts on the authors of the Skinny Bitch books, but I will say some of their recipes are pretty good. 😉 The 3-bean salad I make is a slightly modified version from their recipe.

    • No I know what you mean about those books, and I tried one recipe out of there that took forever and was so bland. I wasn’t really impressed with the book, but should at least try a few more recipes to find something good!

  4. I eat most things (except for shellfish – I’m deathly allergic) but I too am vegetarian or (less frequently) vegan on many days, sometimes intentionally, other times not! I definitely struggle with the idea of not eating eggs – I LOVE eggs. But I think it’s fun and healthy to experiment with your diet and explore all the wonderful foods out there and see what works for you, which certainly can change over time. For my vegan inspiration, I love these two blogs in case you’re interested: and

  5. I was an extremely picker eater when I was little. I’m still pretty bad. I do eat some meat (not a whole lot) and I’ve gotten better with the veggies. I don’t eat fruit unless it’s in a smoothie — I can’t stand the texture!

  6. I’m probably a picky eater too and being allergic to mushrooms keeps me away from any and all casseroles or dishes with questionable sauces on top for fear of accidentally eating one and having a bad reaction. I actually hadn’t seen the lifting book but I’m interested to know what you think about it.

    • oh my gosh I love mushrooms! I would be so sad if I couldn’t eat them 😦 The lifting book had a lot of words and few pics so I will definitely have to spend some time with it when I get a chance!

  7. I am a crazy carnivore. I love meat. I love red meat in particular. But I also LOVE vegetables, vegetarian and vegan meals. Heck–I even wrote about my love of Veg News in my blog post today! While I do love my meat, I also appreciate taking a few days off from it sometimes to eat less of it. I tried going vegetarian for one whole month a few years ago–lol, I failed miserably. I think sometimes I’ve TRIED to select veggie/veg meals because it was what I thought I should do {peer pressure depending who I was hanging out with}…but I’m just me–a meat eater. 🙂 I did see that Oprah show with Alicia on it and even thought of getting her book to make some recipes here and there–it looks good.

  8. I was the exact opposite of a picky eater, there’s pretty much nothing I wouldn’t eat as a kid! I like the idea of “flirting” with veganism. I could stay in the flirting stage forever I think, I’m not looking to go fully into any eating style but I feel best when I limit animal products and keep dairy consumption low. Hope you enjoy NROLFW!

  9. This may sound weird but I really love hot/warm foods, so I do like grilled chicken on a salad and I prefer my veggies to be grilled or roasted as opposed to just raw. And I LOVE myself a good burger – its something I will never give up!

    • That’s so funny because I hate when restaurants put strips of grilled chicken on top of salads. I’ve tried to eat it but end up eating everything in the salad but the chicken!

  10. I’m a vegan flirter, also! Since junior high, I’ve been vegetarian/vegan/meat-eater/vegetarian/vegan/etc.

    I find that I am generally happiest and most satisfied when I eat a vegan diet, however, I:
    a. don’t want to spend my entire life reading labels on granola bars; b. want to be able to enjoy meals cooked by family and friends without harrassing them about whether or not butter has touched my entree and c. like you said…SUSHI!

    I think it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance in your life and not becoming tooo obsessive about any aspect of your diet!

    • Exactly! I don’t want to freak out over every ingredient on a granola bar! It would be too hard for me to go out to dinner with friends and be completely “vegan”. I’ll probably try to incorporate more vegan dishes to my diet at home and if I go out and want sushi I’ll have it!

  11. Ughhh…wish I had known you wanted that ‘New Rules of Lifting for Women’ – I would of sent it to you. I LOVE the book- they have some great workouts 🙂 I hope you like it!!
    My family has always said I’m a picky eater..but I not so much ‘picky’ – I always find something to eat..but I do not eat red meat as well..and haven’t for over 10 years. I remember when I informed my family that I would no longer be eating red meat OR pig (since they are my favorite animal)- they were like whattttt??! Are you serious!? But know they totally accept it & always have an option for me whenever I’m visiting. My Dad usually makes me a portobello mushroom- what a guy, huh? 🙂
    I LOVE Mama Pea’s cookbook!! You HAVE to try the blueberry scones. I’m in LOVE with them 🙂

    • Just bought the vegan cream cheese and I’ll try them out soon! I had all the other ingredients for the scones! I’ve always hated red meat so it was never a big announcement like yours! 🙂

  12. I was a really picky eater when I was younger! But now I’m happy to say I like almost everything (except hard boiled eggs, YECK!). I have to say I love a good cheeseburger once in a while for sure. I don’t think i could go vegan….

  13. I’m a former vegan (current vegetarian) that still ‘flirts’ with veganism. I don’t eat that much dairy other than yogurt! I love vegan baking- Peas and Thank You has great recipes!

  14. I love the new rules of lifting for women!

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