Sunday Workout: Ab workout from July’s Shape Magazine: Audrina’s workout

Monday Workout: 7 mile “long run” I was supposed to do on Sunday!!!!!!! (I will make this happen!)

As you can see from my workouts, the long run didn’t happen this weekend. I JUST told my friend Amy on Saturday that I neverrrr skip weekend long runs… and I did! It rained all weekend, I was exhausted from teaching marching band for two weeks, and my body hurt. Like, seriously hurt. After increasing my weights at BodyPump Saturday morning and all the other stuff I did during the week my legs felt so heavy. I decided to wait a day on the long run. I know 7 isn’t that big of a deal for me and I should still aim to run fairly slow on the weekends so it shouldn’t be a big deal to run it tonight. I would run in the morning, but I have a teacher workshop all day long followed by lessons and won’t be home until 6 and have to finish a grad project before midnight. Why do I do this to myself?!?! I needed the lazy weekend with lots of naps, food and air conditioning!!

I’ve been eating my chocolate PB blondies from Mama Pea’s cookbook all weekend. They are great and almost all gone!

Today I tried to make a stir fry. I used a mix of two recipes and whatever I had in the kitchen. I found this recipe from Bob Harper when I saw him on the Rachael Ray Show. I also looked at this recipe from the Nasoya website because I used their cubed extra firm tofu.

Some of the ingrediants I had were: left over corn, endamame, broccoli, tons of mushrooms, quinoa and tofu. The tofu wasn’t bad because it tasted like the mushrooms. I did use a little too much soy sauce and red pepper flakes so it was a little spicy, but I would eat it again. I felt like I ate such junk this past week at school so I was trying to detox myself from all of the bad food. If you are new to my blog, I am not completely vegan, but I am lactose intolerant and do not really like meat so I have been trying more vegan recipes. I do slip and eat cheese occasionally, but it really took a toll on me this week and I felt horrible by the end of the week.

I took this picture at Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday. I was excited to see Kara Goucher in the Nike section so I snuck my camera out for a pic. I went to the store to buy new Brooks Adrenaline shoes because I have a gift card and will need new shoes soon!!

Happy Monday and hope you fit your workouts in this week! I’m going to try super hard to fit in all my running this week because I have a lil mini vacation planned for the weekend……. Healthy Living Summit!!!! I live about 2 hours away from Philly, but I still decided to stay over Friday night so I don’t have to drive back and forth 🙂 I am so excited to meet all the bloggers!! I will feel like I am meeting mini-celebs 🙂

Oh yeah, then I start teaching next Monday when school starts. CRAZYYYYY! Where did the summer go?!?!


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  1. I was exhausted just trying to mentally keep up with your day. I don’t know how you do it! I’m about to leave for hot yoga in a few minutes {that’s the extent of my activitites for the day} and I’m like, “Wow, one thing to do today at 9am…how shall I fit it in?” LOL… And have fun at HLS–I can’t believe the time for it is already here! 🙂

    • That makes me feel better 🙂 Sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing so much and suddenly figure it out when I’m in a bad mood and exhausted 24/7! School starts next week, I better get my act together!!

  2. The Healthy Living Summit looks like a lot of fun! Take a ton of pics

  3. So jealous you’re going to HLS! Cant wait to read all about it. good luck getting that run in tonight. I have 6 planned for later too and considering I’m on vacation at the beach it’s going to be hard to motivate myself for this one!

  4. I’ve been wanting to go to The Healthy Licing Summit for awhile, I hope I get to go next year. It seems like so much fun.

  5. mmm…the blondies look incredible and i’m so jealous that you’re going to HLS. have fun!

  6. It is good to listen to your body and take a much needed rest day. It sounds like you need rest more than you needed a 7 mile run yesterday.

    Just ordered Mama Pea’s book today and should have it before I leave for HLSummit on Friday morning. I plan to bring it on the plane and drool over all the recipes I plan to make when I get home. So excited to finally meet you this weekend. It will be so much fun to meet more bloggers of my kind… You know, the kind of people who take pictures of their food, blog about their exercise schedule and get excited when they see a poster of Kara Goucher in the running store. Haha.

    • Definitely needed to listen to the body this weekend. I know I was on the verge of getting sick if I didn’t take it down a notch and sleep! I CAN”T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! 🙂

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