Another Early Morning Run!

Thursday Workout: 3 mile run: (28 min, 39 sec) and BodyPump class tonight!



I was really tired from teaching Wednesday in a very hot classroom (air conditioning broken… 85 degree room…) so I didn’t run last night. I was already guessing I would do one of my Weds/Thurs runs on Friday before I leave for HLS because I will do my long run on Sunday when I am home!


This morning I was trying to run 3 fairly comfortable miles, but after 2 I decided to push so I could get home, shower, eat and get ready to go to school. I definitely need a slower run for this week so I can push it Sunday when I attempt 7.

(old sweaty picture of me)

My friend Julie borrowed my Carrots ‘N’ Cake book and gave it back to me this week. She said she tried the 3 minute oatmeal raisin cookie recipe on page 55 and just bought a copy of the book so she can try more of the recipes! I’m hoping to run into Tina (stalk) at HLS this weekend and ask her to sign my book🙂 Has anyone tried any of her recipes?

More teaching for me today in hopefully… a cooler room! I need to do some wash tonight and start packing for the weekend!

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  1. Have a great and fun weekend! I’m so jealous!

  2. My favorite part–> “(stalk)”. Hahaha…😉 Have a good time!

  3. Have so much fun at HLS! I’m attempting 7 on Monday…we can do it!

  4. Have a great time at the HLS! I can’t wait to read your recap! 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful time at HLS! Sounds like it will be a great event. Hope you get to meet her and get her to sign your book!

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