Sweaty Fitness Friday!

Thursday (night) Workout: Blogilates 20/20 Workout

Friday Workout: 3 miles – going to run it right after I hit “publish” ! Hoping for a nice recovery run.

Last night I decided to skip my typical BodyPump class for some time at home. I taught lessons again yesterday, ran errands and by the time I went home I didn’t feel like leaving again. I had to do some laundry too so I can have clothes for HLS!  I need to wear pink all weekend long so hopefully the bloggers remember who I am 🙂 I decided to do a little workout in the middle of reading 1,000 blogs and packing for the weekend. A little workout? That is what I thought… I’m not sure why I doubt this girl’s workout intensity because she kicks my butt every time!

This was my first attempt at burpees. I get it now. I understand why they are so hard and why bloggers put them in every workout. This whole thing was crazy hard. There are 20 different exercises and you do each one for 20 reps or 20 seconds. I thought it would just be a short workout, but I was seriously sweating. Oh blogilates, you are so wise 🙂

I also got this in the mail yesterday…


I was really excited when the publisher of Run Like A Girl contacted me to review this book! After my grad class finishes, I will have a week off before the next one starts so I should have time to read! I actually watched the Today Show when the author of this book was featured and thought it looked really good.

Today Show Clip (embed code wouldn’t work! grrr)

Now I have a few quick errands to run and then I will be driving to Philly this afternoon for HLS! So excited to meet the people I’ve been stalking for so long 😉

What is your workout today? Let me know if you try Blogilates 20/20 workout! It’s tough!!


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  1. We had to do burpees in bootcamp all the time. I hated them but it felt good to do them 🙂

  2. Cant wait for the review on this. I am going too! Yay can’t wait to meet u!

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