Planning Ahead

Tuesday Workout: Abs (planks and sprinter)

Wednesday Workout: 4 mile run on TM (38 min, 15 sec running time and 41:15 total)

Treadmill workout: Mile 1 (9:33) , walk 1 minute , Mile 2 (9:41), walk 1 minute, Mile 3 (9:38), walk 1 minute, Mile 4 (9:23)


I tried to get home as soon as possible to run before going to teach band from 6-9 last night.  It was hot and humid and I was tired and didn’t feel like running after a day at school. So, I compromised with myself and let myself take it easy on the treadmill and watched Oprah.  It went so quickly and I even played with the incline up to 4.0 and picked up the pace at the end. This afternoon is going to be 2 workouts for me. My running clothes are packed and I am going to the park after school to run 3 or 4 miles then going to BodyPump. I’m going to be tired!

Tuesday night I forced myself to do some ab workouts before I went to bed and did two of my favorites:



You must try this one. It is tough and seems to work upper and lower abs 🙂

Planks ❤ I loveeee them! I missed BodyPump for over a week, so I thought I need to make sure I can still do my planks! My love for this ab workout started with my first BodyPump class.  There were about 2 minutes of planks at the very end of the ab track and I thought it was impossible! Go here to watch the video clip of this particular BodyPump ab track and see if you can do it!

I’ve been trying to pack my lunch for school at night so I can actually think about it and not run around like a crazy woman in the morning throwing together PB & J everyday.  After hearing the lovely Dawn Jackson Blatner speak at HLS, she reminded me about pita pockets!! How great are pita pockets!?! You can put tons of stuff in them and nothing falls out! I’ve been putting salad, chick peas and guac in mine lately and they are fantastic! It’s been tough to make me plan ahead for my lunches each night, but I am hoping to make this a permanent habit!

Making breakfast and lunch the night before!

Gotta make those overnight oats!! I split my So Delicious Coconut Yogurt (blueberry flavor!) in half and make two overnight oats at a time.  This with PB on top is amazing and I crave it every morning 🙂

Do you pack your lunches the night before? What do you take to eat at work?


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  1. I always bring my lunch. so much cheaper and sooo much healthier. Usually its leftovers from dinner, today is tempeh enchiladas. 🙂

    I actually bring my breakfast too. either a smoothie or yogurt/granola/fruit

    so excessive amounts of gladware in my life.

  2. I take my lunch everyday but Fridays and I usually hit up Subway for a change of pace on those days. I like to pack my lunch while dinner is cooking if I can, but definitely get it done the night before. My husband or I makes coffee so it is all set to brew in the morning too. My goal this year (I am a school SLP) is to get up and workout before heading into work, so I am also laying out running clothes and everything I need (iPod, HRM, etc.) the night before. It makes it easier to get up and just get dressed before an early run.

  3. When I was working I would normally just pack my lunch after my morning workout. I would be too lazy at night to do it.

  4. pita pockets are great.

    i try and bring my lunch to work since it always cheaper and the best option for a picky eater like me 🙂

  5. I almost never pack a lunch which I know is awful – bad for my bank account and health. But I for some reasons always have the right snacks available, bananas, PB, oatmeal, apples, trailmix.

  6. I always pack my lunch and usually prep breakfast the night before! This saves so much time, and since I work out in the morning, every little bit counts!

    I usually pack a sandwich or leftovers from the night before for work!

  7. Planks are hardcore. I love and hate them.

  8. The last job I had was at Whole Foods, so I just bought it there. We got a discount and the food was amazing and healthy so I didn’t feel too bad about it. When I start working again {hopefully soon!!!} I will definitely take my lunch with me. It’s so much more economical that way and I’m in saving mode.

  9. I always pack my breakfast and lunch the night before work. I have the hardest time trying to figure out what to bring for lunch everyday. Pita pockets are a great idea! I’m going to have to try that! 🙂

  10. i love, love, love planks. you’ve inspired me to add to my “topics to blog about” list a post “ode to the plank.”

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