Week 9 Training Plan

Tuesday Workout: 3 miles (27:33)


After a few bad weeks of my training plan, I am hoping for a fresh start for week 9. I wasn’t feeling great last week and was busy so I’m hoping to push myself the next few weeks before the race.  Tonight I was really pushed for time and got in a quick 3 miler after school. I was hoping to do 4, but just ran out of time. I decided to make it a negative split run and really pushed myself at the end.


My garmin was off again at the beginning of the run! It must be when I start at a certain spot that is weak on satellites for awhile because it said I was running a 11-12 min/mile pace for a few minutes when I know I was running an 8-9 minute pace. After running that speed for a few minutes without knowing it, I was really tired and had to calm it down for a few minutes to get my breath back!


I definitely pushed myself at the end and finished running up hill and kept my pace in the 8’s. I made sure to let myself run a few seconds after it “clicked” for the 3rd mile so I could see what pace I was running at the very end. I was really happy to see I had worked up to a 7:18 pace for the last minute or so!  🙂


I’m hoping to get the rest of my runs in this week and get a better long run in this weekend! I had to miss my favorite BodyPump tonight but I will be back for a Thursday class!


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  1. Nice lady. Way to really push yourself. That is awesome!

  2. Woo! I love being able to speed up and make that last extra push at the end of a run. It’s always so refreshing.

  3. Awesome negative split run! You are going to kick the Hershey Half in the booty 🙂

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