Staying Injury Free!

Thursday Workout: 4 miles (3 in 29:03 and 1 mile walk) and BodyPump (1 hour)


I was SO happy to run these 3 miles with my friend Amy right after school today! It is so much fun finding a good running partner!! We went to a park that I haven’t been to in a long time and it was a nice change.  I am trying to convince Amy to sign up for a spring marathon with me so we can do all our long runs together 🙂  There is a local marathon that takes place on our railtrail, which is a flat gravel path.  I think I would like to try a local race this spring and I could train on the race course.  I used to prefer running by myself, but lately I feel like I really want a running partner. Those long runs can take FOREVER and it would be amazing to have a running partner! (Hint, hint Amy!)


Amy has been trying to keep her IT band in control while training for her first half marathon this October. New shoes and foam rolling are really helping her.  She has been following the half marathon plan Colby and I came up with…


We are going to run 8 this weekend for “week 9”.  Amy has really been following this plan and taking BodyPump classes.  I think it is okay to drop a mid-week short run when your legs are feeling tight and your body needs a break.  This worked well for me in past training plans, and I have been trying not to get upset if I do not get the three mid-week runs in each week.


I wrote this post on foam rolling in August. Foam rolling is amazing and has really helped me stay injury-free.


I also LOVE and have purchased the Core Yoga 1, Power Vinyasa Flow, Yoga For Runners, Yoga For Abs, Yoga Sculpt and Detox Yoga videos. All have been great and really stretch my body out.  I really like the workouts that have videos and slides, instead of just audio.  I really like the slides because I can just glance over every once in awhile during the workout.   I would love to do yoga more often, but I often forget about it when my focus is running and BodyPump.


How do you stay injury-free when training for races??


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  1. I feel incredibly lucky to not have experienced any injuries so far. I was expecting it after my 20K this past weekend, but thankfully the worst thing that happened was just a little soreness that went away after a day or so.

    I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I do try to settle into a comfortable pace when running and not overdo it until the end. I also try to watch my form; I’ve read parts of “Chi Running” and watched the DVD and try to emulate a ‘spinning wheel’ when running and not bounce up and down too much–more horizontal strides like Dean Karnazes!:P

  2. I’ve had some problems with plantar fasciitis – I just try to listen to my body and really take the time to ice/stretch. Finding a running partner is always such a treat, especially on those long distances! Awesome job with the training 🙂

  3. It was an awesome run and it readjusted my mental attitude. I love your “hint, hints”! My HB already told me that our Sunday run will just be fine. He said, “You’ll do super, you’re running with Pink Runner!”

  4. Since I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, I always make sure to roll a frozen bottle of water under my arches after long or tough runs. It really helps relieve sore feet. I still have inflammation in my left ham, so after this weekend I’m planning to take a month off from running to rehab it since I don’t have any more planned races for a while. I’ll be doing a lot more yoga, that’s for sure! 🙂

  5. Like a lot of people here, I have had bouts of plantar fasciitis during training. I make sure to always stretch well before and after long runs. This usually helps me! I also make sure to eat some type of carb + protein immediately after running to refuel!

  6. That’s super fantastic. I do Bikrahm Yoga to keep my body limber before I do a long run. It helps stretch out my bodies in ways that running never could. Before when I tried to start training for a half marathon, my back went out at the ripe old age of 24. Scary Stuff. After I started taking bikrahm I was happy to say that my runs got even easier. (That reminds me, I have to go to Bikrahm soon and get some compression socks too, lol)

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