Monthly Archives: September 2011

Week 10

Thursday Workout: 3.5 miles (3 miles in 29:19)



Amy and I met after school at the park and ran our usual 3 mile loop.  This was the first time I’ve ran since Sunday! I have been really busy with work and grad school and I let myself get worn out.  After the long run Sunday I was feeling really horrible and had a fever until Monday. So, I ended up busy Tuesday and Wednesday and took those nights off.  I didn’t really think it would be beneficial to wake up at 5 am and run before school or at 9 pm! Now I am feeling better and happy I had such a nice run after school.


I am now on week 10 and I’ve only run 3 miles! Let’s be honest, this training plan didn’t really happen this fall.  I can’t be too upset about it because I’ve been trying not to stress over getting three mid-week runs in because I almost never did.  I’m just hoping I have a good run this weekend so I feel a little more confident. I just want to run over 10 miles Saturday and stop being sick!