Long Run

Saturday Workout: 12 miles (1:55:46)

Sunday Workout: Yoga

I ran 12 miles yesterday morning and had a great time!! This was the first long run that I have enjoyed this much in a long time and was actually excited to get started yesterday morning.  I have a 6 mile loop that I used when training for my last spring marathon that I’ve avoided in the past few months. To me, it is hilly on the way out and then not so bad for the last 3 miles. I decided to use this loop 2 times yesterday so I had to finish the 12 miles. I was so proud that I kept all of my splits under 9:50 even with the hills. Mile 2 and 8 are definitely the most difficult for me, but they feel great when I go the opposite way (mile 5 and 11). Both times I was able to let me legs relax and go downhill for that mile.

Here is my elevation chart for the 12 miles and you can see what I’m talking about with the up hill for the first 3 miles of each loop.  I was really happy that I had such a positive long run because I only ran one other time this week (Thursday) and was sick.  The weather was also perfect yesterday (around 50 degrees) and only got windy during a few sections.  I’m feeling so much better and I am rocking the compression sleeves today 🙂

I ran out of Gu’s and didn’t have time to get to the local running store this past week.  I stopped at Target the other day and they had single packs of Clif Shot Bloks that I picked up for this weekend. I’ve always ran with Gu’s and always thought gummies were hard to eat.  I actually LOVED these! I would like to try another flavor because strawberry isn’t my favorite, but they were so easy to eat and I loved that there are two servings in a package.  Colby told me to try to eat 1 blok every 2 miles and that worked out perfectly.

Colby had an incredible run yesterday and didn’t use the same 6 mile loop that I did. His was really hilly and look at his splits! I told him I had to post them because they were so good!

After our run, Colby had the idea to take me to a fair type thing that was filled with tractors. We walked around in the cold and I’ll do just about anything to make this boy happy…

That’s okay, because I made him go to a marching band show that I had to go to that night because my students were performing. It was raining and cold and he was a good sport 🙂


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  1. Awesome long run! You are more than ready for the Hershey Half!

    I love Shot Bloks. Try the black cherry flavor — delicious and it has caffeine! I eat 3 bloks every 4 miles during LRs. I do like that there are 2 servings per package too.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  2. You are awesome! Great time! Good job Colby too! How are those compression sleeves? I haven’t tried them yet.

  3. Woohoo awesome run, especially your pace!! You’re more than ready for the race! I also completed my last 12 mile run last weekend and am running a half marathon next weekend! I’m so excited!

  4. That’s a great long run! I’m sure it’s much easier to run the longer distances when it’s not blazing hot outside. I love tractors so the fair would have been really fun for me!

    Enjoy your afternoon!

  5. Congrats on the long run funness! I was a big shot blok girl, I like the tropical ones with the caffeine for a pick me up. I just tried my first Gu on Saturday. I thought it would be awful awful, but I wanted to try something that I could have on the go as I feel like shot bloks are hard to eat while running. Any good flavors for me? Also, sometimes i cut the shot bloks in half to make it easier.

  6. Wow! Incredible long run! I typically use GUs and have never tried the Shot Bloks. 1 blok every 2 miles would give me more to look forward to than only one GU halfway through my run. I think I need to try that next weekend!

  7. This was such a great run! I can’t wait to talk to you about it. And, a great run for Colby too. I’m definitely trying the shot bloks…they are a must have.

  8. Great job on the run! 🙂 Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  9. Shotbloks rule right?! I really like the black cherry flavor, it has mucho caffeine!

  10. We sell Shotbloks at Dick’s! I’ve been wanting to pick up some…I’ll add them to my ever-growing list! 😉

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