Negative Splits

Wednesday Workout: 4 miles (37:28)


I have been trying to focus on negative splits for the past week or so because I think that is what I need to get through my half marathon in two weeks.  If I start out at the pace I want, I’ve been getting tired too quickly.  After school on Wednesday, I changed right away and got outside. I had to go to marching band rehearsal later that night and wanted to make sure I had time to shower and eat. So much to do… so little time. I also have a huge project for my grad class that is due this weekend and I am trying not to worry about it too much!


I have been avoiding the treadmill and going for runs that are not so flat. This elevation chart doesn’t look like there’s much of a hill but from mile 2 to 3 it was all uphill in my neighborhood. I was so proud of myself for keeping the negative splits going and have no idea how I got into the 8’s for my last mile! Maybe it was because I knew I had so much to do that night so I was trying to finish as quickly as possible! Hoping to squeeze one more mid-week run in before the weekend… maybe 3 or 4. I am starting to feel really tight on my hips and that is because I didn’t follow my training plan like I was supposed to…


I missed so many mid-week runs this season then got sick/stressed/busy and messed up weeks 7-9.  I am trying to be extra careful and stretch/yoga/foam roll as much as possible so I don’t hurt myself.  I had absolutely no pain when I trained for my first full marathon last spring because I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice I plan obsessively! Do you follow training plans?


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  1. Tracy's Treats

    Great job with the negative splits, girl! I really need to work on those because I also tend to start running too fast in the beginning. I loosely, emphasis on loosely, followed Hal Higdon for my half marathon training, too.

  2. Negative splits feel like such an accomplishment at the end 🙂 Nice job!

  3. I used a training plan for my first half, and followed it to a T. I came up with a plan for my second and am having a much harder time sticking to it.
    maybe because I’m not so nervous?

    Nicely done on negative splits!

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