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Tuesday Workouts: 3.25 miles (3 mile run in 28:40)… ?


I really need to update my Garmin!  I didn’t get home from work until almost 6 and decided to do a quick 3 miler around the neighborhood.  I started in the spot that must get no satellites for my Garmin and my first mile was really off.  I know this particular route very well and know exactly where my Garmin should beep for 1 mile.  It didn’t beep for another 30 seconds and I knew I was running faster than a 9:43 pace.


I’m signing up for the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon on December 4th.  I did this race last year and it is tough! Just take a look at the hill descriptions above that are on the website.  I feel really motivated after the great 5 mile race from this past weekend and would like to do another 1/2 marathon to get rid of the bad feelings from the Hershey 1/2.


This is the plan I came up with to get me ready for this next half marathon.  This is my last week with a Wednesday marching band rehearsal at night, so if I don’t get that run in I will be okay.  Also… I FINISHED MY GRAD CLASS SUNDAY NIGHT!!  I am so happy to get a break until the middle of January! The 5k race during week 6 is the local Turkey Trot I will run Thanksgiving morning.  Colby also asked me to run another 5k race that will be the weekend before that. Three races in two weeks 🙂 I haven’t ran a 5k since May 2010 and I am really looking forward to pushing myself.

Are you running any races in November/December? Are you looking forward to cold weather running? I am!! I actually love running when it is cold!


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  1. Running today was awesome and it’s not even super cold yet. I love this time of year b/c it’s actually enjoyable to run instead of sweating buckets! Looks like a fun upcoming month with all these races 🙂

  2. My next big race isn’t until January, but I am looking out for a fun 5k or 10k between then. I adore the cooler weather. I feel like I get less overheated and the cool breeze is really refreshing!

  3. Philly Half Nov 20! Hoping to find a 5K for Dec.
    I didn’t start running til Feb this year & stuck strictly to the treadmill so I’m excited to attempt to continue running outside as it gets colder. Lets hope I love cold weather running too 🙂

  4. you are doing it!!!!!! good for you…or you are a glutton for punishment 😉

    i love that they tell you it’s a “soul crushing climb to the finish”. ummm, where do i sign up???

  5. I’m signing up for this also – and using your training plan… : )

  6. Yay, yay, yay on being done with your grad classes til after the new year!! 🙂 I know that must be a weight off your shoulders! I do like running outside when it’s chilly…now that I have a little more freedom in my schedule I may actually venture away from my beloved treadmill a tiny bit and go to some local trails!

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