Half a Month Off

Tuesday Workout: 3 miles (28:40)


After running the Nittany Valley Half Marathon on December 4, moving into a new house (!) and a busy concert season with my music students… I needed a break.  My IT bands and I took a full 15 days off from running, BodyPump and yoga.  I haven’t been blogging much lately because there really wasn’t much to say when I wasn’t working out! I was focusing on work and being at school late all last week and putting our new house together.

I ran after work with Colby today around our new neighborhood.  I was breathing heavy, but was able to talk to him almost the whole time.  I was happy to see I was staying around a 9:30 pace without looking at my Garmin too much.  I’m hoping to fit in BodyPump this Thursday, but it will probably killllll me.  I’m hoping to get back into BodyPump to work on those arm muscles… because I picked out my wedding dress last week! It is one of the dresses on my Pinterest 😉 I loveeeee it.

Some other stuff from the past week…

Crazy good sushi dinner I had Thursday night after my Mom and I went to the wedding dress shop 🙂

Made my first crock pot dish for a few friends that came over to see the new house this past weekend. I found it on the Crockin Girl’s website: Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. I didn’t try them, but all the chicken lovers thought it was spicy and good.

For my Twilight fans… I’ve discovered Bella’s Diary… a fictional blog that writes diary entries in Bella’s perspective and I’m completely hooked.  It actually gets really good after you’ve read a few and I’m not even finished with it yet. I think they update each week.

I’m going to try to update a bit more over the holiday break. Hopefully that means I’m working out!



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  1. Congrats on your wedding and hey! nothing wrong taking a break from the running, it might take a bit to go back up again but it’ll feel great 🙂

  2. omg – i love all of the dresses on your pinterest. i cannot wait to see which one you chose. beautiful!

    yay for getting back to bodypump…and for sushi. yum!

  3. Congrats on getting your wedding dress! I love the dresses and pictures that you have posted on your pinterest! Beautiful 🙂

  4. congrats on the dress!
    those spicy buffalo chicken sandwiches sound amazing! loving the crock pot lately 🙂

  5. Congrats on the dress!! That is so exciting!!! I think we have similar tastes because I love lacey wedding dresses.

  6. It’s so hard to find time to runnnnn….thank god for this break so that I finally have time to try and get myself back into a routine!!!

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