Spring Workout Schedule

Thursday Workout: 1 hour Zumba and 1 hour BodyPump


I tried a different Zumba class at my gym after school today and I wasn’t really in love with it. I just didn’t think it was intense enough so I’ll have to try a different class in the future. I’ve been keeping to my BodyPump goal of 2-3x a week and went both Tuesday and Thursday this week.  I’m getting close to the amount of weight I was using a few months ago when I was going all the time.

I’ve come up with a workout schedule that I can hopefully stick to this spring.  I will start Hal Higdeon’s Novice 1 Marathon Plan on January 17 and want to continue to go to BodyPump.  If possible, maybe add in yoga on the off days.


I know that I will not be able to go to 3 BodyPump classes each week, but I know this schedule will help me stay flexible so I can move things around when necessary and get to at least two classes.


I used my new Le Creuset dutch oven to make dinner last night.  My Mom got it for me when we moved into the new house.


I made the same Chickpea and Dumplings recipe (Peas and Thank You) that I’ve posted a bunch of times already.  It is so good and easy to make! Doesn’t it look pretty in the red dutch oven? Ina would be so proud…

My Mom and I love the Barefoot Contessa (Food Network) and she always has her Le Creuset dutch ovens in her kitchen looking pretty.


Not really sure where this post is going… but I’m getting tired! I need to hop in the hot tub to make my sore muscles feel good, shower and get to bed! Have a happy Friday!





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  1. Those dumplings look super delicious!!! And the pot is definitely gorgeous–our kitchen is red so I’m always on the lookout for red things. Hope you enjoyed the hot tub! 🙂

  2. woo! I love using new things. I may not quite be a kitchen person, but it’s always nice to give it a shot and see if it’s something you can use more often.

  3. I’m such a terrible cook but that makes me want to hop in the kitchen

  4. I tried a seitan and dumplings recipe that was kind of disappointing, but my dumplings craving is still going strong. I’ll have to give that chickeas recipe a go!

  5. I’ve heard so much about body pump, I wish they had that at my gym! I go to the gym affiliated with my hospital, which is super cheap, so I can’t complain.

    I like to do abs classes and spin classes. Maybe there’s a body pump class, but just under a different name.

    • BodyPump is a 1 hour weight training class that uses a barbell and focuses on one muscle group for an entire song. Lots and lots of reps so you can’t go too heavy on the weights. I love that it does all the muscle groups in one hour so I don’t have to mess around with weight machines and the music is fun. Maybe there is a weight training class at your gym? It might be worth looking for a class near you just so you could try it out once and know what it is all about! I go to Gold’s Gym (they are located all over the country) and they will let you try out a class free. 🙂

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