Dinner Plans

Monday: off

Tuesday: 2 miles on TM, BodyPump


Since I have my own kitchen now in our new house, I have been trying to plan healthy dinners for each night.  After going to the grocery store a few times without thinking ahead, I end up going an extra time during the week to pick up extra food.  I would love to be super organized and plan out all dinners on a spreadsheet to make sure I only buy what food we need and I don’t waste anything. I know this might not always be the case because I start both my final grad class and marathon training plan next week.  This will be a busy spring semester!

Tonight, I made Mama Pea’s “Mmmm Sauce” for the first time.  I know I write about her recipes all the time, but they always turn out good!  The Mmmm sauce was a success (mix of chickpeas, almonds, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and more) and I put it on some gnocchi tonight.  I added in Morning Star’s veggie sausage for extra protein and Colby liked the vegan meal.

Looks like a mess in the pan but it was good and very filling.

I’m planning a crockpot recipe for Wednesday and Thursday night.  Colby and I made chicken meatballs tonight to keep in the fridge and put in the slow cooker in the morning with tomato sauce, onions and peppers for sandwiches.  I always use Barefoot Contessa’s wedding soup recipe for meatballs. I never measure anything and only use 1 lb of either ground turkey or chicken and they always turn out great.

I have been cooking a bit more lately and have a giveaway planned for this week! I will post all about it tomorrow and you will be able to enter until Friday.   🙂



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  1. I keep saying I’m going to make mmm sauce and I never do. I need to get on that.

  2. I need to make gnocchi more – it’s so filling and I bet it would rock with that MMM sauce!

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