Nasoya Giveaway!

Nasoya contacted me a few months ago about trying out some of their products and hosting a giveaway.  I waited until Colby and I moved into the new house so  I could use my new kitchen to prepare some tofu-based recipes!  Nasoya makes other food products besides tofu, like noodles, wonton wraps, hummus and Nayonaise.  I’ve tried to use extra firm tofu before, but didn’t really know what I was doing.  After looking through lots of recipes on TOFU U, I found a few recipes to try.


After Nasoya sent me some free product coupons, I went shopping at my grocery store’s organic refrigerated section.


I’m more confident with the silken tofu because I’ve used it before.  Silken works great in desserts, smoothies and dips. I was a little worried about the extra firm tofu and found a recipe on Nasoya’s site to try.

I used the Crispy Tofu Tacos with Creamy Lime Drizzle from Nasoya to cook the crispy tofu and used an old Pampered Chef recipe card for the taco filling.

I was suprised to use cornstarch as “breading” for the tofu but later realized it was perfect because it absorbed the extra water.  I do wish I would have cut the tofu a little thinner, but it was easy to cook on the stove.


Extra firm tofu dipped in egg and worcestershire sauce and then coated in seasoned cornstarch.




The taco/burritos were absolutely delicious.  The tofu was fantastic and I would have never thought to use cornstarch as a breading.  They didn’t have too much taste, so I wish I would have put more seasoning into the mix.  They were nice and crispy inside the taco and I made them for my parents and Colby.  Mom and I ate them while Colby and my Dad ate shrimp tacos.

I also used the silken tofu to make Nasoya’s avocado dip for the tacos.  I’ve made guacamole recipes that use half avocado and half white beans or peas before but they were never as good as this.  My whole family thought it was great and I just threw all the ingredients into the food processor and it was great.


I made Mama Pea’s pb blondies with silken tofu for the second time and they always turn out great.  The silken tofu mixes with dark chocolate to make a ganache for the top of the blondies.

Do you want to try a few free Nasoya products? Nasoya is going to give one reader 5 free products (tofu, noodles, wonton wraps, hummus, Nayonaise-anything you want to try!) and some Tofu U gear.  You can also take a pledge on their website to cook tofu once a week for a month and receive coupons.  Their website also has lots of videos and recipes, so definitely take a look.


To enter the Nasoya giveaway… leave a comment below telling me your experience with tofu. Does it scare you and you would just go for their other food products? Do you cook with tofu all the time? Do you want to learn how to cook tofu? Let me know! I will pick a winner Saturday morning 🙂



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  1. Wow, this is such a great giveaway! I’ve been eating tofu ever since I can remember. My parents made it several times a week for meals, and now I love using tofu in stirfrys and as substitutes for meat/cheese (ie in lasagna!).

  2. Those tacos look tasty!! I don’t have much experience with Tofu, but I would love to learn more about how to cook with it. It sort of intimidates me. I don’t eat a lot of meat products, so I am always looking for new ways to get in more protein.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tofu! 🙂 Can’t get enough of it. I don’t have much experience cooking it, but lots eating it 😉

  4. I LOVE tofu! I’ve made it similar to the recipe you showed above–breading it with flour and then sauteed it. I’ve also used it in stir fries. I think I’ve had someone’s chocolate pudding with tofu incorporated into it and thought it was so much better than regular pudding, so that’d be something I’d try myself. I personally would eat tofu more often if it weren’t for my husband who “needs” meat. But there are so many possibilities with tofu–I’m sure I can rope him into eating it more often!

  5. I have never tried it!! I get so overwhelmed by it all the choices at the store that I end up walking away! I would love to give it a try!!!!

  6. The times I’ve tried to cook tofu at home, it hasn’t turned out so well but I think it’s all in how you season it so I should probably try again. I’ve had it in restaurants and it’s been really good. When I was in China, I ate lots of it and it was delicious!!

  7. I’ve tried it a few times and its always just okay. I need to find a few awesome recipes. crispy tofu sounds great!

  8. I love tofu. My favvy is Kung Pao Sliders. Yum! I am going to have to veganise your tacos you made. They sound amazing! I even love making vegan fudge pops with silken tofu. Oooo, I am making myself hungry!

  9. I cook with tofu all the time. I love it. Those burritos look darn good. That is next on my to cook list. Thanks, I would love any of their products.

  10. i love tofu, their different levels of silken to extra firm makes for versatile meat-free options in recipes. from kung pao tofu, pumpkin cheesecake, smoothies, grilled tofu steaks! its a stable in my vegan life. i have a shirt from peta that says: “powered by tofu”

  11. Even before I became a vegetarian, I loved tofu. I loved the texture without the meat taste (I realize now that I should have become a vegetarian years before because I’ve never enjoyed meat, lol). I still love it but don’t end up cooking it nearly enough as I should!

  12. Crisy Tofu looks amazing! I am trying that recipe the next time I make supper!

  13. I love tofu and cook with it all the time! I mostly use it in traditional Asian dishes (curries, ma po tofu, etc.) rather than as a meat or cheese substitute.

  14. I have just started using tofu. I am still experimenting with recipes. The things I have made so far have been ok but nothing that I would make again. Will keep trying recipes until I find one I like.

  15. I use tofu at least once a week in all kinds of dishes! Anything that calls for meat i use tofu! And I keep some cooked and use in soups, and other dishes during the week…Love it!

  16. About a year ago I became a vegetarian and I decided to learn how to cook Tofu, The first time was aweful, I didnt know you had to drain it and I cooked it plain with salt and pepper. I didnt give up and I am learning to cook with Tofu more. I cook stir fry the most with Tofu…I am interested in learning more ways to use Tofu. I use NasoyaTofu around 4 times a month. Last Thanksgiving I made my first Tofu cheesecake and I loved it !
    Thank you !

  17. I love tofu.. I try not to eat it all the time because I want a balanced diet that is not overwhelmed by soy products but it’s so versatile and fun to cook with – from tofu scrambles in the morning to stir-fries, desserts and whatnot.

  18. I cook with tofu all the time. It has to be stocked in my fridge always. I was scared when I was young but after 12 years of being vegan tofu cooking is a must.

  19. Great giveaway! I love tofu. I marinate & bake it at the beginning of the week to toss into salads & wraps for quick lunches.

  20. I love Tofu and I make it about once a week, but I do the same recipe everytime, I just bake it after its marinated, so it would be fun to try a few new recipes! this is a great giveaway

  21. I love making Nasoya’s UDON SOUP! It’s easy, and I added a few creative touches to make it “my own” . LOVED that the recipe was printed on a sturdy paper and I could just buy the ingredients using that card, go home, and make it just how I had envisioned it, only better! Thanks! You made a believer out of me! Tofu CAN be innovative and delicious and attractive! When I posted a photo of my Nasoya Udon soup and the recipe on Facebook, a Japanese friend of mine approved! She said it looked great!~ I want to say
    , “it tasted good, too!”

  22. Yes, I am scared! I tried once and got scramble, but I am not a quitter so hope I get this. I think I will be going through a lot!!

  23. I love tofu! I’m just not good and cooking to myself. Need to
    branch out and try it more often.

  24. I LOVE Tofu! I used it in a stir fry today which is my favorite way to use it.

  25. vickie the great

    Yummy taco idea!! I eat tofu all of the time, have for decades….the easiest is firm, cubed with a drizzle of oyster sauce and chopped scallions. I am so trying these tacos!

  26. So far I have only experimented with tofu in stir-fry…but I would love to try some new recipes! I had no idea Nasoya carried such a broad line of products! I would love to check out some of their other items!

  27. Love tofu . .. tofu/eggplant stir fry ROCKS. Love it in a Thai Wrap or in fresh spring rolls.

  28. I eat tofu all the time! Although I’m the exact opposite in that I use firm tofu and only have a little experience with silken. I’ve just recently been experimenting more with silken tofu. My favorite tofu recipe has got to be tofu fries with nutritional yeast.

  29. Tofu has definitely been a process for me. I’ve had the best success with it in dessert, and as a mock egg salad. I would like to get the texture right as a meat substitute…those tacos look like a step in the right direction!

  30. My husband is a Vegan so I cook with Tofu all the time but I really do not do anything fancy with it 🙂 I would love to try new recipes using tofu and anything else that has that firm texture…Thanks for the Giveaway

  31. I enjoy the versatility of cooking with tofu, but usually I use firm/extra-firm varieties in savory entrees, especially coconut curries and stir-fries. I should explore more silken tofu possibilities.

  32. I do cook with tofu, but I would love to learn other ways to cook with it!

  33. Haven’t been brave enough to try tofu, in part because I don’t really know how to cook it. Some free products would inspire me to give it a try.

  34. I love tofu too! the method i use most is freezing, thawing, pressing then marinating and browning. You need firm or extra firm for this to work well. silken is best for smoothies, sauces, dressings and desserts, imo.

  35. Heather Strauss

    My kids and I love tofu. My kids love to eat it raw (I think that is strange). I tend to use the extra firm most of the time for cooking. I use silken for desserts. I just made this most amazing. My kids and I are tofu-heads and proud of it. 🙂

  36. Heather Strauss

    I realize that I didn’t finish my sentence! It was the most amazing chocolate mint pie!

  37. I love tofu! I’ve made those brownies from the PATY book and they are so good. One of my favorite recipes in it.

  38. I LOVE tofu and cook with Tofu often! silken in dressings and extra firm in entrees – delicious!

  39. I couldn’t live without tofu! I use it all the time. I make tofu sour cream, tofu mayo,tofu tacos, tofu stirfry, tofu smoothies. The list goes on and on 🙂

  40. I love cooking with tofu but I haven’t tried a lot of new things with it. I usually just season it and sautee it in a pan for sandwiches or a stirfry. I would love to try their noodles!

  41. I’ve never really liked tofu but I think that’s because I’ve only ever had it plain and never made any interesting recipes like the ones you just featured. I’d love the chance to try some of these out!

  42. Wonderful review! You have piqued my interest 🙂

  43. HI! So far, my experience with tofu has been just making pudding, but every time has turned out great and creamy! As for trying other recipes, I am unskilled…:( When I looked for a recipe online, I don’t know which ones have been tested by others and tastes great. I don’t have a lot of money to keep spending on trying recipes and them not working… I am thinking of making a sweet tofu scramble though, with cinnamon, ginger, then mixing in some dry fruit and some sweet vegan cheese! When i wasn’t a vegan a looonngg time a go, that’s how I use to eat my eggs! Tofu doesn’t scare me! I am determined! I would absolutely love to know some great tofu recipes! 😀 Can I win?!

  44. I’ve never tried tofu before. I definitely would like to try cooking with it 🙂

  45. I’ve had tofu in pad thai multiple times and I love it! I have never tried it prepared any other way but your post inspires me! 🙂

  46. I am very excited to try some of these ideas today 🙂

  47. i use tofu 2-3 times a week and love it.
    i’ll have to check out tofu u for a few more recipes, can never hav etoo many recipes.

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