Vega Sport Nutrition

I was lucky to receive a Vega Sport Startle Bundle from the nice people at Vega Sport to try out!


Vega Sport is an all natural, plant-based sports performance system. Their system contains three categories: “Prepare, Sustain and Recover”.  I was very excited to try out their products, especially the “recover” products.  I am always looking for protein/recovery products to try that are dairy-free because of my allergy.  Luckily, all of the Vega products are completely vegan so I was happy to try everything.

Inside the Starter Bundle was a bunch of products, and so far I’ve tried the protein bars and performance protein.  The protein bars are kinda high in calories (240) but are extremely convenient to eat after I run and go to BodyPump on Tuesday/Thursdays.  I really liked the chocolate coconut protein bar and I was not sore the day after BodyPump. P.S. I just started BodyPump release #80 this week and it is crazzzzy! I think the lunges and shoulders are tough!


I am excited to try the endurance gel instead of my usual GU when my marathon training runs get a bit longer.


Vega is currently running a sweepstakes until March 31.  You can click here and enter to win over $30,000 in prizes.  Maybe you can win a few Vega Sport products to try out while you train for your spring race!



How do you get ready for your workouts and keep energy up during and recover after?

What are your favorite running fuels?


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  1. If I’m running after work, I eat a handful or two of nuts about an hour before I exercise. If I run in the morning, I eat oatmeal and hour to an hour and a half before running. That seems to do the trick. After runs, I love drinking either OJ or almond milk. And I always crave hummus. I don’t know why though!

    For running fuels, I love sport beans because it’s like eating candy:)

  2. I just saw that Vega protein powder is on sale at my local grocery store this week. I’ll have to try some…

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