Cold Weather Running

Sunday Run: 9 miles (1:30:40)


It was really cold this morning… and windy. It really did feel like it was 8 degrees because of how strong the wind was for our entire run… but Amy and I were SO PROUD that we finished our 9 miles 🙂

I am absolutely petrified of ice. I panic when I have to walk on it and I never run when the roads are icy.  Somehow I knew I just had to do it today and I figured, if I fell… at least Amy would be there to drag me to the side of the road and call for help! (I broke my tailbone in college falling on ice! Horrible experience!) Somehow I stayed calm and we definitely had to slow down a bit because of the conditions. This was really great for me because I’ve been sick all week and only “ran”  3 miles (there was a lot of walking on the treadmill) on Tuesday.

We went out 3 miles and turned around and got back to my house at mile 6.  We decided on a quick water break inside my house and then we would go back out for the final 3 miles.  I hit the lap button by accident near the end, but was happy to see that we were pretty much right around the 10 min/mile pace the whole time!  I was definitely breathing heavy at some points because I’m still so congested, but I feel great right now.  I got in the hot tub for a good 20 minutes after the run and shocked my cold body!

Here is most of my cold weather running gear:

Brooks Running Jacket.  I asked my parents for this for Christmas because it is so pricy, but it is amazing. So warm and really keeps the wind out.

My toe socks. I love that they are higher so I can pull them up over my ankles and they seem warmer.

I threw on my CEP compression sleeves under my tights today. I figured it couldn’t hurt and they kept my legs a little warmer.

The pink long sleeved top I had on under my jacket was from Target and similar to this one.

My tights are Under Armour and close to this pair.

Pink Nike Gloves and Headband I got a few years ago.

Obsessed with Carmex chapstick and I always bring it with me running.  I have them stashed everywhere.

Current obsession: Vicks tissues. My friends and I were in love with them in college when we were sick and I got a box this week. Ahh they are so nice 🙂

Not running related…

I’ve already watched it twice yesterday. I know, I’m sad. I can’t help it.  I actually left the house yesterday morning just to go to Target so I could buy it. Colby ran his 9 miles and went swimming. When he came home I was laying on the couch back in my sweatpants with my Vicks tissues and a bag of chocolate chips watching it.  I was supposed to write a grad paper…


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  1. I did some cold weather running this morning, too although it’s nothing compared to your weather! It was about 30F and I was forced to wear running pants (hate them!). I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to run now!

  2. So after today’s run, any run we complete will feel like we are running in a heat wave!!!

  3. Good job getting out for your 9 mile run! Did you watch Twilight again? LOL. 🙂

    • I tried to hold back… so I only watched it two times this weekend. I felt great after the 9 mile run. I think it was because the elements slowed me down to a comfortable pace!

  4. I actually ran OUTSIDE today and it was 56 degrees. I was all proud for running in the “cold”. Hahaha–now I feel like a wimp! Cute jacket!

    • Ahh 56 would feel warm! I actually think I like the 40’s the best! Crazy?? This weekend was ridiculous when it felt like 8 degrees with the wind, but normally I like running in the cold 🙂

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