Vega Nutritional Shake

Friday: 3.5 miles (ran 3 in 28:30, walk .5)

No school today because of a little three-day weekend and I was sooooo happy to sleep in and run with Amy around 10:00.  I had school activities Wednesday and Thursday night, and was completely unable to run in the afternoon.  I am not an early morning runner (couldn’t even imagine getting up at 5 am!), so I decided to skip a 3 mile run and do the other today.  Tomorrow is 13.1 for our long run and I’m sure we will make sure we hit that .1 !  Amy and I tend to get a bit obsessive over miles and times…

I am in search of a dress for next weekend. Colby and I are getting our engagement photos taken, and I really want to find a PINK dress! (I want like Barbie pink)

I ordered this one from Banana Republic this past week, but it just isn’t right.  The ribbon around the upper waist is very snug and I don’t think I would be comfortable. I also think I want to find some sort of wrap dress with a 3/4 or long sleeve.  I am going out today to find something! I’ve been looking online on Black House White Market, Banana Republic, Gap, H & M and found a few ideas, but nothing pink enough…

I’ll let you know what I find!
Vega was kind enough to send me a few packets of their “all-in-one nutritional shake” in a few flavors.  I gave Amy the chocolate flavor and I tried Berry in my protein shaker.  Maybe because this dairy, gluten and soy free shake mix is made with pea protein (along with a bunch of other good vegan ingredients) … it just didn’t blend well.  Amy said the flavor was good, but she couldn’t get it smooth with water and milk.  I tried the berry with just water and couldn’t shake out all the clumps.  But… today I tried something different.
I tried the vanilla chai with almond milk and frozen bananas in an actual blender. (frozen banana slices in the zip lock bag above)
My favorite almond milk… Colby and I go through at least a half gallon a week.
After I used the vanilla chai shake mix, 1 cup almond milk and about 1 and a 1/2 frozen banana slices, the drink was smooth, just thick enough and delicious.  It was nice and refreshing and definitely held me over to lunch!
Have a good weekend!!

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  1. Oh I bet the vanilla chai tastes so good!

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