Skipping A Run

Tuesday: 4 miles (38:56)

Wednesday: 3 miles (29:26)

When is it okay to skip a mid-week run?

For me, I guess it is okay if I skip my 7 tomorrow.  I absolutely HATE to skip my mid-week “long” run.  All I can say is, “whyyyyyyyy BodyPump whyyyyyy?!?!”.  We had such a great thing going for almost a full year! I wrote about it in a previous post, but I definitely pulled a muscle or something in my left calf at BodyPump last Tuesday.  I just just lunging my little heart out and then something didn’t feel right.  I thought it was getting better because it was okay for my 10 mile run on Sunday, but it hurt again yesterday.

I had a really good time running with Amy through an unfamiliar park.  The new scenery was so nice, but it was kinda hilly and every time we ran up a hill I could feel a strain on my left calf.  You wouldn’t be able to tell from the elevation chart Garmin has on my upload…

Come on Garmin!!! What is that?!? How am I supposed to tell anything from that?? Yeah, cause I obviously need to see -200 to 600 ft on the chart…

We ran 3 miles today after school planning to run 7 on Thursday this week.  I just don’t think that 7 is going to happen.  We ran through a different park today with some hills and every time we ran up one I felt like I was limping when I ran.  Probably not the best thing and I should have told Amy (sorry!!) but I thought it wouldn’t be so bad for just a short 3 miler!  I got home and did some hot tub, shower and compression socks that are not coming off until the next shower! I’m just going to take it easy and hope I feel better for my 15 mile run on Saturday!!

Anyone else reading them at the last minute like me? I finished the first two books over the past few days and I’m now on the third.  I even got Colby to read the first one and he is really liking it.  I figure if I can run 15 miles Saturday morning, my reward should be to go to the movies that night!

I really am liking the books a lot and I am excited to see the movie this weekend… but I don’t think they will take the place of my beloved Twilight 🙂

Is it sad that I’m really excited that the full Breaking Dawn II trailer will be shown before The Hunger Games??  I’ve watched this 15 second clip a bunch of times 🙂


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  1. Oh no–a BodyPump battle wound!! I hope you’re better by now and your 15 miles were pain-free today! 🙂

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