Rail Trail Redemption

Tuesday: 41:28 outside

Wednesday: 1:26:33

I was going to run 4-5 miles on the treadmill at the gym yesterday after school, but was just too tired.  I got up some courage and decided to run outside in my neighborhood.  I’ve been avoiding running outside on the road because of the calf injury I dealt with a few weeks ago.  The hills just always killed my calf so I’ve been sticking to treadmill and the flat rail trail.  I decided to just walk the major hills and run comfortably.  It was soooo nice running outside on the roads. I ended up just walking a few times and keeping a 9:45ish pace.

I ran 9 miles on the rail trail with Amy after school and we were fired up.  We are really getting sick of running on the rail trail and feeling like it slows us down.  Colby feels the same way and thinks it is really tough running on the flat gravel for long runs.  We’ve been running probably 30 seconds slower for every mile.  We also had that very long and hot 18 miler on Sunday on the trail and it was enough to make me go crazy.  We just started out fast today in hopes of finishing early.  We ended up holding around a 9:30 pace the whole time! We were breathing heavier than usual, but still able to talk.  I was so happy that we were able to run faster on the trail for the whole 9 miles.  It really gives me hope for my 14 miler this weekend and 20 next weekend.

We walked a little at mile 5 when we turned around at 4.5 and had to stop to cross a road at mile 8.  Overall, I was very happy and I’m feeling a little more optimistic about our upcoming long runs.  We even kicked it in and did a 8:44 for the last mile 🙂

With the extra mileage, I’ve been eating tons of Goldfish crackers.  Why are they so good??? I guess I’m just craving salt.

I’ve been drinking lots of lemon-lime Gatorade too.  It is by far my favorite flavor and I’ve been taking it on all my runs.

I also had to buy two big bags of twizzlers yesterday at the grocery store. So gooood!


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  1. Yum – I attacked a bag of Twizzlers this past weekend. I love them!

    Looks like a great run.

  2. nice job on the 9-miler!

    i ate so many goldfish this weekend! cheddar and original – yum!

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