Vega One Giveaway

I ran for the first time in two weeks today!!  I ran three miles in my neighborhood and only walked a quarter of a mile.  I was breathing pretty heavy, but my legs felt good.  Exactly two weeks ago I ran a marathon and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run until this weekend.  I was okay with a two week break from running, especially after a rough experience with a hot marathon and upset stomach.  I’ve been busy with school concerts, but this is the last week of school and I will be able to run and go to classes at the gym now!

We sent out our save the dates this weekend! YAY!

Vega One is hosting a giveaway of free samples of their Vega One Nutritional Shakes.  They are completely vegan and taste great mixed in smoothies.  I was really surprised to like the vanilla chai flavor so much!  For a limited time, click on this link to get a free trial pack of Vega One!  Then, leave me a comment telling me your favorite exercise or distance to run lately!!




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  1. I will always love my kickboxing/circuit training class. The instructor is always mixing it up so it never gets old. Love it!

  2. I’ve kinda gotten into a rut of running 8-9 miles daily……but I can’t help it, it’s my favorite distance!

    I love that Vega is giving free samples because I really want to try it!

  3. Such a cute save the date 🙂

    I am LOVING crossfit lately. And 6 miles seems like the perfect distance to me 🙂

  4. Id love to enter! I haven’t been doing many long distance runs lately, but I’ve been playing around with speedy shorter ones – I’m trying to PR at my 5k on Saturday!

  5. Patty Fischer

    I am loving my long runs recently! Looking forward to a 16 miler tonight after work!

  6. Im loving crossfit! I just started. I also am loving 3-4 mile runs. Short, sweet and just enough to get my heart rate up

  7. I too ran a marathon two weeks ago, so right now I am loving riding my mountain bike again. I tried 4 miles last Friday-It was rough.

  8. I am reconnecting with running after a bit of burnout this spring. So I’m keeping my runs short and sweet for now!

  9. My favorite distance to run is 3 miles. As much as I love long runs, 3 miles is my happy distance! 🙂 My best friend is getting married on Oct 6th, too! 🙂

  10. I love 4 mile runs. Not too crazy but I feel great.

  11. I ran the Zooma Half Marathon on Saturday! Half marathons are the perfect distance for my body.

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