Getting Into A Routine

June 11-17

Monday- off

Tuesday- BodyPump and 30 min. elliptical

Wednesday- off

Thursday- CXWORX 30 min core class and 40 minutes on elliptical

Friday- BodyPump (1 hour class) and 4 miles on TM

This is my first full week off from school and I’ve been enjoying going to morning classes at the gym!  I love working out in the morning, but I would never get up at 5 am during the school year to workout/run before work!  I tried a CXWORX 30 minute core class last Thursday and really enjoyed it.  It is created by Les Mills, the same company that creates BodyPump.  I’ve been getting on the elliptical a few times before class just for something new.  I was a little burned out from running and sticking to a training plan for so many months and it is nice to switch it up.  I’m really enjoying running the mileage I want.  I ran 3 miles last Saturday and Sunday and I’m hoping to run 5 tomorrow morning.

Along with working out a lot, I’ve been trying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Lots of salads and they are tasting so good! I’m really on a sunflower seed and chickpea kick right now.

I’ve also been making smoothies almost every morning! This is what I usually put in mine:

  • 1/2 cup Pure Almond Silk Milk
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 strawberries, blueberries or raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein
  • Sometimes 1 Tbsp PB (PB & Co is my favorite!!)
Colby and I have 3 weddings to attend this month! We went to one last weekend…
We are going to another wedding tomorrow and I am playing violin for the outdoor ceremony.  We also have one next weekend that is near Colby’s college he went to and it is one of his best friends.
Speaking of weddings… I’ve been trying to find wedding accessories for my wedding and I am having a hard time.  Please help me out and go on my Pinterest Wedding and Wedding Hair site to see what I am thinking for shoes and headbands.  I went to a huge mall (KOP!) with my Mom and Colby yesterday looking for shoes and had no luck.  All the Badgley Mischka shoes I found online aren’t at the major department stores, but I found similar Badgley Mischka ones.  They didn’t fit my feet at all! It was like they were made for someone with a flat foot and my arch didn’t even touch the shoe.  I did find shoes to dream over…
Ahhh you know about my Twilight obsession… these are the Manolo Blahniks Bella wore for her wedding in Breaking Dawn.  They come in a few colors and they had the pink ones out at Neiman Marcus.  I want I want I want, but they are $1300!  I put them on and of course they fit and looked beautiful.  *sigh*
Vega has a 35% off sale going on right now with the promo code: VEGAVEGA

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  1. Cute dress for that wedding! smoothies are awesome in the summer – love them for a quick, easy and cool dinner! ummm totally think you need those shoes – I mean if they were good enough for Bella to wear to her wedding! 😉

  2. Nothing at KOP?! I remember having a hard time with shoes too. I found a pair online and luckily they fit. ‘Tis the season for weddings. We had weddings on the 4th of July for 3 years in a row. Totally ruined shore plans 😦

  3. Bad idea Holly to try on 1300 dollar shoes haha!

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