My Favorite Makeup


Tonight, Colby and I went to a wedding reception for my friend Kim.  We had fun with the photo booth!



My friend Steph asked me to take her makeup shopping a few days ago.  When I went over to see what she already had, we needed seriously throw out some OLD makeup! You know it was old Steph!  As a major makeup addict, I was inspired to put together my favorites for a post.


Starting with the top row from the left…

  • Bare Minerals “Prime Time” (foundation primer)
  • Clinique “All About Eyes Concealer” (in medium petal)
  • Laura Mercier “Secret Concealer”
  • Bare Minerals “Matte Foundation” (medium beige)
  • Givenchy “Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation” (perfect honey)
  • Sephora “Pro Flawless Airbrush” #56
  • Make Up For Ever “HD Microfinish Powder” (colorless)
  • NARS “Cream Blush” (cactus flower)
  • Tarte “Cheek Stain” (tickled)

I am always looking for a better concealer for my under eye circles.  I have used the Clinique All About Eyes for a long time and like that it helps with puffiness too in the early morning.  Recently, I found the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and think it goes on even smoother and isn’t too thick.  For foundation, I almost always use Bare Minerals.  I’ve used it for years, LOVE that it is not cakey and is fast!  It is really gentle on your skin and does not look like you have a mask of foundation on your face.

Before our engagement pictures in March, I wanted to try a liquid foundation and the Givenchy was recommended to me by a girl at Sephora along with the Sephora brush.  The foundation is pricey, but a little goes a long way and I like how it looks on my skin if I want more coverage. They also recommended the Make Up For Ever powder, which looks great over the liquid foundation or for a touch up if I get shiny.  I don’t need to use it over the Bare Minerals.  I absolutely love NARS cream blush in this cactus flower color.  I’ve had it for probably too long, but it has never dried out and has lasted forever.  I was scared of the bright color, but it looks great.  I also like Tarte’s cheek stain, but it comes in second place.


  • Smashbox “Cream Eye Liner Palette”
  • Covergirl “Clear Mascara” (brow gel)
  • Maybelline “Define-A-Brow” Eyebrow pencil (dark blonde)
  • Covergirl “ShadowBlast” (beige blast)
  • NARS “Eye Liner Pencil” (mambo-chocolate brown)
  • Smashbox “Cream Eye Liner” (midnight brown)
  • NARS “Duo Eye Shadow” (Earth Angel)
  • NARS “Duo Cream Eye Shadow” (Summertime)
  • Diorshow Mascara
  • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
  • Maybelline “Great Lash BIG Mascara”
  • Urban Decay “Naked2 Eye Shadow Palette”

Usually I use my NARS pencil eye liner because it is fast, but if I have extra time I love using Smashbox’s cream eye liners.  I got the palette free from Sephora reward points that includes all the different colors, but I really just like the midnight brown color the best.  You have to use their eye liner flat brush but it is so easy and looks great.  For my brows, I’ll fill in with the Maybelline brow pencil if I need it because it is cheap and I like the brush at the end.  I’ve used Covergirl’s clear mascara for brow gel and hair fly-aways for years.

I also like Covergirl’s beige “shadowblast” as a eyelid primer or as my shadow when I’m doing fast makeup.  I have a few NARS eye shadow palettes that look great layered over the shadowblast, but my new favorite is Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette.  This was another splurge before my engagement photos but it has so much shadow and great colors.  It will last forever.  My favorite mascara is Diorshow, but it is expensive and dries out fast.  I really like Maybelline’s new Great Last “BIG” that has a giant sized brush (similar to the Dior).


So there is my little makeup review of my favorite products 🙂


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  1. I am pretty bad at remembering to get rid of old makeup!! Thanks for the reminder! And a photo booth at the reception? Great idea–how fun! 😀

  2. Mine was embarrassingly old!! Thanks, I will bookmark, and use you as a reference. You’re a good teacher, by the way!! 😉

  3. umm, your hair is absolutely beautiful that long! it was pretty before but now it’s beautiful!

    thanks for the make-up tutorial. i needed it 😉

  4. Love the dress! The photo booth looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

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