Wedding: Rehearsal and Salon

Hi everyone! My swimming lesson went well last weekend with Colby! I actually really enjoyed it and I am planning on going again next weekend.  I also got my hair cut last week (almost 7 inches gone!) and I’m loving the change.  I will post pictures soon.  I really wanted to go even shorter, but my hair dresser was smart and told me to ease into it or I would flip out.  It was a good idea because I was really nervous to as much as I did!

I JUST got all my wedding pictures back from the photographer and I thought I would focus on some wedding reviews this week! I’m feeling better and getting over my cold, so I should have lots of time to go through all the pictures 🙂


Friday – Dress Rehearsal for the Wedding

On Friday, October 5 we had our wedding rehearsal at our wedding venue.  I was SO happy to have the rehearsal where the wedding was going to be the next day.  I took the day off on Friday and was happy to spend it with my friend/bridesmaid Andrea.  She drove over 5 hours the night before to stay with me!

Andrea and I… Friday night

Colby and I at the wedding rehearsal

I got this dress a few weeks before the rehearsal from Black House White Market and it was even on sale! I got the purple flower belt there too.  Colby’s dress shirt and tie were from Express Men.

We had the rehearsal outside and had dinner inside the mansion, downstairs in their pub.  It was really nice to just walk inside to have dinner and that it was downstairs in a different area.

Saturday – Hair and Makeup

This was the main hair photo for my wedding hair inspiration!  If you are curious at the other pictures I liked they are on my Wedding Hair Pinterest board.  I knew I wanted to wear my hair up because I almost always wear it down.  Like I said in my last post, I’ve almost always had long hair.  I really let it grow out LONG over the past year so I could have as much as possible to work with for the wedding.  My hair dresser and I decided she could always cut an inch or two off if there was too much, because I have really thick hair.


This was my main makeup photo inspiration.  I just LOVED her clean eye with a heavy black winged liner and bright pinky-coral lips.

Another eye makeup photo.  All are on my Wedding Pinterest board.

Amazing makeup artist! My hair ended up perfect and I loved the big braid in the back.  I was so happy with my makeup too and was not used to wearing false lashes.  They really did pull the winged eyeliner look together.

With bridesmaids Anne and Andrea.  I think they still have some more pictures from that morning that I need to get!



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  1. So beautiful! Looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all the details! Hope your cold gets better soon.

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