Surprise 8K Race

Amy asked me if I wanted to run an 8K race that was held this morning.  Our local Road Runners has a “Winter Series” and has races in the area during November-March.  There are 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, 5 miler and 10 miler distances and they are known for being brutally cold!  You pay $25 once and are able to run all 8 races with the same bib, if you want.  Amy has been doing them with her daughter and husband this year.  I didn’t really have an excuse NOT to do the race… the weather was cold, but the roads are completely clear.


So, I ran it and I was pretty happy with my results! I had absolutely no expectations because I have been doing a lot of treadmill running lately and I am still getting back into the swing of things.  I know my speed will get better in the next few months, but I have been feeling really slow lately.  It is tough taking months off!

Picture 6

Picture 7

I thought I could stay with Amy for a little bit, but she is just so fast! I tried to slow it down after I knew I pushed my first mile a little too hard and ended up staying right around a 9:30-something pace.  I was fine with that and I was determined not to take any walking breaks! I was even happier when I was able to pick it up a tiny bit at the end.  I was really tired!  I was surprised when I saw my distance was 5.09 and Amy’s Garmin said the same thing.  I thought an 8K was supposed to be 4.97?? I wish the race was just called a 5 miler, but oh well!


I wore my new tights from Road Runner Sports and they were perfect! I also wore my new insoles but in my old Brooks shoes.  My tights stayed in place the entire time, have a nice zipper pocket in the back and covered my ankles.  I was cold when I started the race, but comfortable after a mile or so.  It was about 25 degrees.


I did a little side braid to keep my short ponytail in place and it worked.  I wore multiple shades of pink today too.  Yes, my Christmas tree is still up.  I have no plans of taking it down this weekend.


Good race for everyone! Amy rocked it in 43- something! 🙂


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  1. Yeah for winter running! Super cute pic of you and Amy too!

  2. Great splits! It was a fun race and it completely exhausted me. I’m anxious for the official times to be posted.

  3. Good job ladies!!! Ur both an inspiration!

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