Valentine’s Weekend

I’m getting over a sinus-cold thing but I was feeling pretty bad this weekend.  I still got in some workouts and probably pushed myself a little too hard on my weekend 5 miler. My heart rate was a little out of control (high of 187) for not running that fast.  I took it easier tonight on the treadmill and make sure to keep it under 170 for a change.


Friday night, Colby and I went out to dinner at a pretty nice restaurant downtown.


Colby had french onion soup and a roast beef and coleslaw sandwich.


I had mushroom ravioli with asparagus and grilled salmon.  It was really good!


Then we went to see Safe Haven at the movies.  I read this book a few months ago and really loved it.  I’m not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, but this was different.  The movie was just okay.  I liked it, but of course I liked the book better.


On Saturday, I went to see Rock of Ages at the theater with my Mom, her friend and Colby.  Colby and I watched the movie on the plane to Hawaii for our honeymoon and he really liked the music.  When my Mom saw it was going to be at a theater near us, we knew we would enjoy it.  The show was great and I liked it just as much as the movie.


Finally, on Sunday… Colby, Mom and I went to see the new Die Hard movie.  I know, lots of movies this weekend!  My Mom is full on obsessed with Die Hard and Bruce Willis so it was a give-in that we had to see this opening weekend.  I wrote about my Mom’s obsession in one of my very first blog posts ever!  It was good, but I like the last one that was out a few years ago with the “mac boy” better.

I am crazy excited because tomorrow my Mom and I are going to meet this wonderful lady…


We LOVE Ina and I will fill you in with details later!  🙂


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  1. Awww super jealous you get to meet Ina- can’t wait to hear about the details!

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