IT…Oh No!

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So another windy cold day for a long run this weekend.  I actually waited until 1:00 PM to run my 9 miles yesterday.  I must have been overly confident from my awesome 4 miler on Thursday because these were 9 tough miles.  Around 4.5 miles, I was struck with right knee IT band pain.  It came out of no where!  I stopped my Garmin and stretched along the side of the road.  A mile later, it was back.  The rest of my run was a stop, stretch and go and I was pretty unhappy.  I did make it to 9 miles, but stopped the watch a little early while I continued to walk at the end.

IT Band Plan…


This week…

  • Foam Rolling and stick-massage thinger as much as possible
  • Les Mills “Flow” (BodyFlow) 20 minute DVD
  • “Yoga for Runners”  (video below)
  • Extra “off” day
  • Ibuprofen


I think this flared up because I HAVEN’T STRETCHED AT ALL in the past few weeks!  I’ve been really lazy about it and thought I was fine.  Nope!  With all this BodyPump along with a Half Marathon plan, I really need to stretch or else I’m going to hurt myself.

So after a modified BodyPump workout at home (no squats or lunges) I did the 20 minute Flow DVD and it is awesome.  All hip openers and IT stretches so I need to make this a part of my weekly routine!



PS I made homemade pizza tonight and it was delicious.   🙂



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  1. Oh no indeed! Hope it feels better. And what is that stick massager thing for? Looks like a torture device lol!

    • You know, I just figure people are so sick of hearing about runners, IT band issues and foam rolling I didn’t even think to explain it!

      The stick is just like the foam roller, except smaller and you can massage a little deeper (I think). I’m more likely to use it over the foam roller because I don’t have to get on the ground and roll around!

  2. YUM to that pizza!
    As for the IT band I feel ya… I too am suffering a bit with it.

  3. stick massager…a torture device or something that is too much information for a blog post….HAHA?

  4. I didn’t even realize there was a BodyFlow DVD!!!! I need to get that at home. I have been going to Bodyflow at the gym but sometimes it doesn’t fit into my schedule. I am so ordering that right now!!!

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