So sorry for the lack of blogging, but I have been pretty busy for the past two weeks! After I wrote about my IT band pain during my 9 mile long run, I stretched and foam rolled A LOT.  I backed down my next long run to 6.2 and everything felt fine.  I’ve also taken BodyPump lunges and squats out of my workouts until this half marathon is over.  The Nike Half is coming up soon (April 28) so I am trying to get my act together, but my runs have been frustrating lately.


Picture 7


I had a great run last weekend and I was sooo happy!  My half marathon PR is 2:07-something and my “Goal A” would be to break that and get closer to 2:00.  That 3 mile run made me feel good about my training and it was cool and comfortable with little wind.  I was feeling good about 10 miler the next day…

Picture 6


It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected.  I’ve been trying to stay around a 9:30 pace and I just couldn’t hold it for 10 miles.  I was exhausted and tired from hills.  The good things about that run were … no knee/hip pain and no sore legs the next day.

Picture 5


Yesterday I ran 4 miles outside after a long day at work and I was dyinggggg.  It shouldn’t have felt this hard and later I saw it was 81 degrees.  I guess I wasn’t ready for that!

Other updates from the past two weeks…

  • I got really sick from eating too much cheese and I’ve cut dairy completely out of my diet again.  It’s just not worth it.
  • I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with running lately.  There is no love right now.  I’m not enjoying it at all.  I’m ready to get this race over with and I hate that I feel this way.
  • I had a horrible allergic reaction to this toothpaste…



I had horrible dry, raw skin around my mouth and swollen lips.  It hurt and looked nasty.  I was just using this toothpaste off and on for the past month and couldn’t see the relationship between the dry skin and when I used this stuff.  Everything is better now that I threw it out and switched to something else.  I’ve never had an allergic reaction before so it was weird.  I think I’ve narrowed it down to a possible allergy to a foaming agent that is in this toothpaste and not in others.  My face is now back to normal. 🙂



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