Body Pump Celebrity!!



I GOT TO MEET THIS GUY TODAY!!! Sheldon is on the Les Mills “Pump” (At home -BodyPump) DVDS that I bought a few months ago and is basically a major celebrity in my life.  When I put in the one DVD for the first time, he mentions he is from PA close to us.  I found out from the one principal at my school that teaches BP that he was going to be at a release party for the new BP and CXWORX at her Gold’s gym!!  She reserved me, Amy and my friend Kim spots for the classes and it was AWESOME!



First of all, this gym is a million times nicer than the two Gold’s gyms I go to in my area.  This one was only 20 minutes away, so I might need to stop there more often this summer!  I loved how the mirrors were on every wall and I was reserved a spot up in the front row!



(My set up for the morning)  My goal was to GO EASY because I need to run 11 miles this weekend and planned to do it today.  Colby has a sprint triathlon tomorrow.  Of course I DIDN’T GO EASY because it was just too much fun!! I LOVE THIS CLASS!  I went hard since I was up front and didn’t want Sheldon to think I was weak!  Now I am running my 11 miles tomorrow afternoon because my legs and arms are still shaking from this morning.



For the 30 minute preview of the new BP (release 85), we did warm up (10 lb on each side), squats (17.5 lbs on each side), chest (7.5 lbs on each side) and lunges (10 lbs in each hand).  The lunges were INSANE with jumping squats on and off the bench.  I loved it.

The CXWORX 30 minute class did all of the tracks except for one of the standing strengths with the band.  The second ab track was intense, just like they always are… Lots of planks and the one track had us running mountain climbers as fast as possible.  I was sweating!



Seriously, I’m so happy about this workout.  We had such a good time and I want to get certified to teach BodyPump more than every now…



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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Body Pump Class, that’s AWESOME!

  2. Oh my goodness – that is so so so awesome! I am super jealous. And I am loving 85. We released it at the YMCA that I teach at a few weeks ago. 🙂 And teaching is way more fun than just taking it!!

  3. We have already been doing BodyPump 85 for two weeks. Why are you getting it so late? I love it too by the way:D

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