12 Mile Run



Woo Hoo!! Last long run before the big race!  Amy and I ran 12 miles yesterday in some crazyyyyy wind!  I know Garmin only says 9 mph wind, but it felt like 20 in some spots!  I’m hoping for comfortable temperatures next weekend with NO WIND 🙂

I walked a little at the end, but overall I was pretty happy with the run.  It really is hard to run in tons of wind.  I wore a Brooks Glycerine black running skirt that I’ve only worn once.  It looks like this…



This is a picture of Amy and I from Summer 2011 when I posted about this skirt.  I haven’t worn it since because I thought the shorts underneath were uncomfortable.  I actually liked it yesterday, so I’m going to race in it next weekend.  I also wore that t shirt yesterday from 26.2 but I’m hoping to find a cute new pink shirt at the race expo to wear!


I remembered yesterday that I have this Tiffany blue nail polish!  I’m SO ready for Tiffany’s race necklace next weekend so I decided to have matching nails.


I did a few upper body “BodyPump” tracks this morning (chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders) and half of the Pop Pilates DVD.  Man that DVD is HARD!


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  1. Your nails look beautiful! The countdown to race day is on!

  2. Awesome nail polish, I am also running the race and hadn’t thought of doing my nails to match!

    • Thanks! I’m getting really excited for the race! I hope the expo is great too!

      • I can walk to the expo from my office, I’m looking forward to it.

      • I think it opens today… I wonder if you are going!! I hope it’s great… I really want to find a shirt to race in!

      • I just walked back from the Expo. The tent itself doesn’t have merch to buy other than a small Fleet Feet stand with a few essentials (I bought body glide and luna bars). I think they are trying to direct all traffic up to the new Nike Georgetown store for purchases. It’s too bad since I would have bought a few race-day things like sunglasses, shorts, etc. but didn’t have time to get up there also. The Expotique was fun though, I made custom signs for my kids to hold!

      • Thanks for the info! I will have to check out the store when I get there on Saturday!!

      • Go to packet pick up first, you get a card with a code to punch in at 3 places in the Expo to try to win something.

  3. are you running a full or a half? good luck!

  4. Good Luck in your race!! Got 11 miles in today with my Mommy friends 🙂 http://www.colorushealthy.com/2013/04/runners-united-to-remember.html

  5. I had no idea that Essie made Tiffany nailpolish! I need to get some for next week, too!!

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