Nike Women’s DC Half Review-Part I


Last Saturday Colby and I drove down to DC with my parents for my big race! We drove directly to the expo and found a parking garage.  It was really exciting with tons of people out and about for the race!


First stop was packet pick-up.  We kinda panicked when we saw the ridiculously long line to get into the packet pick-up tent, but it went surprisingly fast.  My parents walked around while Colby waited in line with me in the nice weather.  When you got inside the tent, they have tvs on the wall with race facts and tables with dozens of volunteers checking everyone in.

We went for some lunch after that… Colby was really hungry after fitting in 14 miles early that morning! Have I mentioned he is training for a Half Ironman?  It is in Maryland in June 🙂


After lunch, I practically ran up the road to get to the new Nike Georgetown store.  This is where all the merchandise for the race was and I realllllly wanted this grey t shirt I saw on their Facebook page to wear for the race.  They had a huge sign outside the store saying “WE RUN DC” with every runners name!  I found mine in the big C!

Inside the store was a madhouse but, I was on a mission to find my shirt and possibly get the infamous “Tiffany Nike Shoes”.


They were there and they were beautiful.  My Mom was feeling generous and got them for me!  They are Nike Free 5.0 shoes with race date on the tongue of the shoe, on the insoles and under the silver nike charm on the laces.  They only had smaller sizes left, and I was lucky to have small feet 🙂

After getting the shoes, my grey shirt (!) and another t shirt, we headed back down the hill to the expo.


The expo was crowded and had few companies.  I guess I can’t blame Nike for making it really a Nike-only expo.  The other vendors were women-friendly like one of my favorites: Bare Essentials and they passed out tons of free sample moisturizers and were doing makeup for people waiting in line.  Luna and Nuun were there too.


That night I tried on my outfit, pinned on my bib and laid out my gear for the next day.


This was my first race in a skirt and I LOVE IT!  It was so comfortable and looks way better than shorts!  I bought a pack of two Nike headbands at the expo and decided to wear the chevron one for the race.  The red wristband was for our corral groups.  I put down 9:00-9:59 min pace when I registered and so did Amy.  I had my ipod ready to go, but decided against wearing it the next morning!  I also used NO nutrition! I was going with less is more… and boy did it work!


The next morning we walked over with Amy’s family to the start of the race at 6am.  Had to stop for a few pictures along the way.  The weather was PERFECT! NO WIND!  It only took us 15 minutes or so to get to the start of the race.  The race started at 7am and you had to get into your corral by 6:45.  It was already looking pretty crowded.


Amy and I got to the corrals and said goodbye to our families and made our way to the start!  It looked really crowded by then, but when we entered the right side of our corral and  just walked over to the far left near the stage.  We were at the very front of our group and never got pushed back so we stayed very close to the front!  The stage had a few Nike girls do warm ups, but it was kinda crowded so we stayed pretty still.  Shalane Flanagan was introduced and we could see her very well!  I was excited, but if it would have been Kara Goucher I would have freaked!

I ran with no nutrition, no music and no iphone.  Colby was worried about finding me at the end, but we planned a meeting place just in case.  Amy and I stood next to each other as we waiting for the race to start and once the gun went off, it only took us 13 seconds to pass through the start line!  There were multiple mats down and I never know which one is the right mat so I clicked my Garmin at the first one I passed.  Icona Pop’s “I Love It” started blaring and it got everyone pretty excited!  My Dad filmed the start and it is just a full pack of racers crossing the start line for 10+ minutes!  Crazy!  I was really happy to be so far forward to start early.  The corrals in front of us weren’t that big, so I guess that is how we were able to start so soon.

This post is already pretty long, so I guess I’ll continue tomorrow about the actual race!!

Part II of my review here!


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  1. This is fantastic! I just love reading your blog. You motivate me! Not only to run, but to blog. 🙂

  2. What a great recap so far… I’m so jealous of those shoes! Now what happens next??

  3. Great post! Can’t wait to read part two!! I’m going to *try* to get mine posted tomorrow.

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