End of the School Year

Hi everyone!  I have been away from the computer finishing up the busy school year, but summer is almost here!  Even though I have been busy, I have still been keeping up with my workouts 🙂

From my Exercise Log…

May 27-June 2, 2013

Monday: BodyPump (taught track 4) and 2.5 miles outside

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: shortened BodyPump at home 

Thursday: 2.5 miles on TM

Friday: BodyPump (taught tracks 6,7,8,9,10)

Saturday: off

Sunday: BodyPump at home 2.5 miles outside

Last week I had after school commitments Tuesday-Thursday and I really tried to fit in a few short workouts.  Friday I taught the second half of BodyPump at the gym and it went really well.


 Ever since my training two weeks ago, I’ve been working towards taping myself teaching an entire class for my BODYPUMP certification.  Les Mills requires you to submit a film of you teaching an entire class in one take.  I went for it this past Tuesday night after a long day of school and everything was going soooo well.  I was using my iPad like the instructor told us to use for filming.  I was in the middle of lunges (track 7/10) and the instructor watching my iPad told me it ran out of space and stopped!!! I was so mad! It was going so well!!!  So I’m going to try again soon but with an actual digital camcorder so I don’t run out of space!



I found this bright pink running skirt at Target last week and ran in it a few days ago.  It is really comfortable and looks good too!  I don’t know why it took me so long to try out running skirts!

PS it was my blog’s 2 year anniversary on May 21, but I think I was so tired after the Pump training weekend I forgot!  Two years ago I started my blog after just completing my first full marathon.  I also joined a gym soon after and started taking BodyPump classes.  I never would have thought I would be teaching them now!

Colby’s half-Ironman is this weekend!


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  1. Amazing how much stuff can change!! That is so frustrating about the video. .. but you can do it again, no problem!! And then on to learning 86. . .

  2. That stinks that you weren’t able to record the whole session! Good luck to Colby this weekend, and congrats on your two years of blogging!!

  3. Running skirts – YAY! Love them too! I seem to wear them more than shorts these days! Happy Summer!

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