Sunday Run

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So I have a goal… to run the Nittany Valley Half Marathon in December!  I’ve ran this race two times before and it is TOUGH!  It is always freezing cold and the hills. Oh, the hills.  December 8 is the date and I am trying to get ready!

I ran 7 miles last weekend, and had plans of doing 8 or 9 today.  I didn’t get started right away and didn’t feel like running at all.  I decided it was okay to back it down this weekend because I have 4 more long runs to get ready.  I’ll do 8 or 9 next weekend.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 1.51.21 PM


Since I wasn’t feeling the run, I decided to listen to my latest release of BODYPUMP and ran at a comfortable pace.  I’m so happy to see my comfortable pace is getting a little faster!  I didn’t stop and walk at all, which always makes me happy!


We also had the cable company come to our house and run a cable to the basement!  Colby will be starting Ironman training in January and wants to be able to watch TV when he is on his bike trainer.  I’m very excited to be able to watch TV and run on the treadmill.  We moved our bedroom TV down to the basement to use because it was bigger.


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