Zucchini Noodle Ratatouille


I’m not a chef, but I’m trying to get better at “winging it” in the kitchen!  I can easily follow a recipe, and I got my inspiration for this from Nom Nom Paleo.  No I’m not going paleo, but I like this blog because I can get veggie ideas.

photo 1

I bought the Paderno Spiralizer at Williams Sonoma last weekend and it is so much fun to use!  You could also use a julienne peeler to make zucchini noodles.  I washed my two zucchini and cut off the ends.  I also cut them once in the middle to shorten them and to make it easier.

photo 2

I sautéed an onion (that was way too big) in some olive oil.  I added salt and pepper and regretted putting that much onion in my Le Creuset dutch oven.  Next time, I’ll use less onion!

photo 3

Lots and lots of spiral noodles!

photo 11

I added the noodles to the onion and mixed it around for a bit.  I put the lid on and let it steam for a few minutes.  Make sure to check on it so you get the noodles right.  Not too crunchy, not to soggy!

photo 31

This Beekman 1802 tomato sauce is awesome!  My Mom gave it to me for Christmas and it was the right chunky consistency for this recipe.  I added it to the noodles when they were almost ready.

photo 21

I sautéed mushrooms separately because Colby doesn’t like them.  I LOVE mushrooms so I made a bunch and added them to my plate.  Next time, I think I will add red peppers to the mix.  I added baked chicken to my noodles for dinner and it was great.  The other time I made this, I added turkey meatballs and enjoyed it even more.

photo 41



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  1. napamamascribe

    Looks great, and I love an easy meal. Winging it takes practice but will become second nature eventually. You know the flavors you like together. You can always start there and then branch out. Enjoy the process, that’s the fun part.

    Great use of your sprializer, getting one is officially on my to-do list.

    Have a great week!

  2. ummm deliciousness. I totally need a spiralizer – it looks like so. much. fun!!

  3. Thanks for a seemingly yummy recipe that will enable me to use my new spiralizer. I love the taste of ratatouille, so I expect it to be a great dish.

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