Going to CXWORX Training!

So I mentioned earlier that I signed up for CXWORX instructor training. It’s this weekend!!!


I am SO excited to start the certification process for Les Mills CXWORX! I’ve loved this class since I started taking Les Mills classes a few years ago (spring 2011). I was a regular in CX and pump, so last year decided to take my love to the next step and get certified in BODYPUMP (May 2013). I’ve loved it so much and always kept CXWORX in the back of my mind as the next class I would love to teach. So what is CXWORX?

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 7.02.39 AM


I love that this class is 30 minutes. You can squeeze it in when you think you don’t have time to workout. I also love running and taking the class, back to back. I bought the actual resistance bands earlier this year so I can practice at home with them.

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 7.43.56 AM


Track 1: Warmup

Track 2: Core Strength 1 (also known as THE hover track)

Track 3:Standing Strength 1 (usually with the resistance band and a plate… Think pulsing squats, lunges, overhead press, twisting motions, shoulder work, etc)

Track 4: Standing Strength 2 (similar, with focus on core, gluteus, hips and always core)

Track 5: Core Strength 2 (oblique track!)

Track 6: Core Strength 3 (back track)


I got my instructor’s kit two weeks ago. They are digital now, so I downloaded my music, instructor video and notes. They used to be sent as a hard copy, but I really like the digital versions. I’m excited to have the notes with me on my iPhone all the time, instead of carrying around the book. Les Mills also mailed me resistance bands, so now I have two. I am lucky that the training is only about an hour drive for me each day and that my friend Steph is doing it with me too!! We will be going hard from 8am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.


Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 7.44.37 AM

Since I was so focused on running during the winter, I didn’t do CXWORX very much. I really slacked on core work. Once I finished my half marathon, I had no excuses and started bringing it back into my workouts. I’m nervous about the weekend, but I’ve done release #15 about 9 times full out. I’ve practiced without weights and bands too while memorizing choreography. The requirement for this weekend is to memorize and present your two assigned tracks. Lucky for me, Steph and I both got assigned #1 and 3! CXWORX 15 is tough tough tough, so we were so happy to get those tracks.

CXWORX 15 Link

I know the “challenge” for the training weekend is a hover. Not just any, but 5 minutes long. Just in case you were curious, when I talk about “hovers” you might call them planks. Les Mills calls them hovers when you are on you’re forearms. They call them planks when you are on your hands.

(Preview of the last release -14)

I’ll review the training next week!


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  1. Have fun learning!! That sounds like a really fun class!

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