CXWORX Initial Training

On June 7 and 8 I went to my initial CXWORX instructor training!! 8AM-6PM both days and I was tired!  My friend Steph was there too, so it was nice to drive to Baltimore with her.  We were being trained on CXWORX release #15, which is tough.  Below is the track list…

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 9.47.47 PM


We received our digital copy of the release two weeks before the training.  We were told to practice the entire release, but everyone was assigned two tracks to present for the weekend.  Steph and I lucked out because we were both assigned tracks 1 and 3.  1 is the “warm up” and 3 is the first standing strength track that uses the resistance band.  All of the music is great for this release and I think the oblique track is especially tough.  I’m so much better at all the tracks, since I’ve been practicing for weeks.

lmphoto 1


Before the training, I bought myself some Les Mills capris!  Bella likes them too 🙂  They are great and I am so excited to have my first piece of Les Mills clothing.  Now that they’ve paired with Reebok, I’m really happy about the new stuff coming out!

lmphoto 3


The Golds gym we went to for training was so nice.  The room was big, had mirrors everywhere and the gym looked brand new.

photo 4


I got so excited when I saw this outside the classroom when I first got there Saturday morning!  My only regret that morning was realizing I was sore from practicing too much that week.  I wish I would have switched and not taught my BODYPUMP class Thursday night.  I also practiced CXWORX so much that week, that my back and shoulders were already sore Saturday morning.  After a few hours, I was even more sore and just sucked it up!

photo 1


Like other Les Mills trainings, lots of information taped to the mirrors.  I taught the warm up at the end of Saturday and track 3 two times on Sunday.  I loved our instructor Megs and learned so much!

Besides presenting our tracks and getting lots of great feedback, we had plenty of sit down sessions to learn more about the program, technique, coaching, etc. On Saturday we had a tough technique class and a fitness test to see our strengths and weaknesses.  This included upper and lower ab drills, holding a 3 and 1/2 minute back raise on our stomach, a 5 minute plank (my weakness.. I made it almost 4 minutes before dropping to my knees for a bit) and 1 and 1/2 minute side hover holds.  I think the hover was so tough that day because my shoulders were so sore.  I do think they’ve gotten a lot stronger in the past few weeks from practicing so much!

photo 2


Steph and I posing after Saturday in our matching capris!

photo 3


With our instructor, Megs.  She had so much awesome Les Mills gear and changed outfits a bunch of times.




Here is a picture of the whole group at the end of Sunday.  I was so exhausted physically and mentally.  My body ached and I felt overwhelmed since I just wanted to do my very best.  I enjoy this so much and I want to get the most out of these experiences!  Sunday included teaching our second track twice, more technique fixes and our hover challenge.  Another 5 minute hover, while I taught my assigned track to a partner.  I was huffing and puffing like crazy!!  I got my initial “pass” at the end of Sunday, which means I am able to now film myself teaching the entire release and send it to Les Mills for review and hopefully the final “pass” to teach!

I taught with another instructor today at my gym so I could practice.  I really want to tape soon, and it might take a few tries to get a good take.  I decided to invite some friends and instructors to my first filming next week, and hopefully it goes well!  I just couldn’t love Les Mills anymore (if you couldn’t tell!) and I have LOVED my initial instructor training weekends for both BODYPUMP and CXWORX.  I do feel like CXWORX has challenged me a little more physically!  It is intense and non-stop for 30 minutes.  I reeeeeallly want to take AIM 1 for BODYPUMP sometime next year! (Advanced Instructor Training)


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  1. I love CX too! You’ll be an awesome instructor!

  2. Way to go on your training! You and I are very similar on our les mills journey. I went to Bodypump training in February and am going to cxworx training in 2 weeks! I should get my kit today! What are your top suggestions for preparing for training?? I have been practicing holding hovers and I am very worried about that! Yesterday I made it 2:40 which is up almost a minute from about a week and a half ago. I am shaking so bad so I am scared about the 5 minute hover. I have been going to class 3 times a week and going with all the high options! My training is on 16 which I haven’t seen yet. Hope your video went well! Any tips would be awesome! Thanks!!

    • Did you get to download 16 yet?? I think #2,6 are tough! Foot stomps and arm raises in hovers. Just keep practicing hovers, side hovers and upper back lifts where you lay on your stomach and lift your chest off the floor. We had to hold all of those! Email me for more info!

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